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Our achievements

Our achievements

CRDT's has reached over 77,000 families, improving their access to food, water, hygiene and income.

77,392 families as direct beneficiaries

(and 310,252 indirect beneficiaries). All with improved livelihoods and health.

226 Farmers groups established or strengthened

With 7,458 members. Good agricultural practices. Income generation. Access to markets.

68 Savings groups established

Access to investment capital for 2040 families.

4 Community-based ecotourism communities established

Income generation to relieve the burden of human exploitation of natural resources in in environmentally sensitive areas.

10,106 Toilets installed

Ending open defection in villages. Reducing the burden of disease.

Access to water for 5,225 people

50 wells and 10 sustainable village water systems. Clean, reliable water for health and hygiene.

12 Solar water pumps

Mitigating climate change and enabling farmers to grow crops year-round.

2,500 hectares of unproductive land enrolled for agroforestry

Recovering degraded land. Mitigating climate change. Income generation and crop diversity for farmers.

5 Waste management systems

Protecting health and the environment.

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