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Vision, Mission and Values

CRDT’s vision, mission and values ensure we stay strong and focused.


We believe that every Cambodian should...

Have access to a protein rich and varied diet.
Have sufficient income for a satisfactory standard of living.
Have access to clean water.
Value their environment and manage natural resources responsibly.
Have access to safe, clean energy.

We believe in a Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation.


A Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation.


To sustainably improve food security, incomes, and living standards of subsistence rural communities in support of environmental conservation throughout Cambodia.


Our values below guide all aspects of working with partners and communities.

Independent, non-political and not for profit.

Committed to working in partnership.

We value our team members and commit to supporting and empowering them through collective decision-making.

We respect the rights and dignity of Cambodia’s impoverished rural people by living and working within beneficiary communities.

Environmental Mainstreaming

We value Cambodia’s natural environment; it is important to protect it for present and future generations.

Committed to transparency and aid effectiveness.

We empower rural poor to create self-sustaining communities.

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