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About CRDT

CRDT is a Cambodian NGO which aims to lift communities out of poverty in support of environmental conservation. Our approach is participatory and community-based. We work in areas rich in biodiversity, undertaking activities that are in direct support of conservation efforts in those areas. Communities that are unsustainably dependent on natural resources, especially in protected areas, are high priorities for CRDT.


Our previous work demonstrates that we have a long-lasting impact on natural resource management in these communities.

See what values keep us strong and focused.

The structures and processes that manage our direction, strategies, operations and accountability.

Learn about our participatory and community-based approaches.

Meet our team, and learn about their motivations in their own words.

Read how CRDT ensures that out programs bring lasting change to communities.


Learn how a group of five disadvantaged rural children shared their vision for the future of Cambodia – ‘one free from poverty and environmental degradation’.

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