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Executive Director

  • Mr. Or Channy
    Mr. Or ChannyExecutive Director

    The success of CRDT is Channy’s objective for working here. CRDT success is when all staffs reach their dreams and communities live in better life with an healthy environment. The goal we are seeking is Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation. Channy came back to CRDT after a 2-year completion of his Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. As one of the founding members, he maintains his unchanged commitment to join with his colleagues and staff working toward sustainable development goals.


  • Ms. Gillian Ivory
    Ms. Gillian IvoryProgramme Management Advisor

    With a background in management consultancy and programme development, I have worked across private and public sector organisations, small businesses and social enterprises in Europe and Africa. Working with CRDT here in Cambodia is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to improving the livelihoods of rural Cambodian people, in a way that is both sustainable and protective of natural resources. I hope to use my skills to help build on the many great things the growing CRDT team has achieved over the past 10 years.

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  • Mr. Meas Viphou
    Mr. Meas ViphouLivelihood Program Manager

    I am from a low income family in Kandal Province. My father is a teacher and my mother and other siblings are farmers too. After graduating from a BA in Agronomy, I joined CRDT in 2006 as a volunteer. Then, I have been promoted to be CRDT staff and up to my present position. My interest is about integrating conservation and development which is what CRDT is doing. I am glad to be with CRDT where I can develop both myself and my country.

  • Mr. Khoun Tola
    Mr. Khoun TolaBusiness Program Manager

    I was a local kid from the South of Cambodia but I spent most of my youth in Phnom Penh, Capital City of Cambodia for education. I am from a family of 5 and I am the oldest son. I graduated with a BA in Tourism Management. I want to use what I have learnt from school for the people of Cambodia, especially the disadvantaged and poor ones.

  • Mr. Sut Samedy
    Mr. Sut SamedyChief Manager

    I’m MBA graduated, and had previously 5 years commercial experience from various companies’ and international NGOs in business and micro-finance. I have worked with CRDT since 2010 on social business enterprises and with Community Based Organizations’ income generation activities. I am inspired by the vision and mission of CRDT, allowing local communities to live in dignity with financial security.

  • Mr. Chann Sarith
    Mr. Chann SarithFinance and Admin Manager

    Sarith, 32, comes from Prey Veng Province where as a kid his only dream was to be able to earn a degree at university. Sarith came from a small village where only few people went on studying. Yet, after working hard and being awarded with a scholarship, he successfully made his dream come true and graduated with a BA in Accounting.

    After a first experience as part of CRDT finance team from 2008-12, Sarith has now come back to help strengthen the finance department. Sarith is dedicated to enhance the finances, admin and human resources of the organization paving the way to more accountability towards partners, donors and friends of CRDT.

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  • Miss. Chheang Kimtola
    Miss. Chheang KimtolaHead Chef for Le Tonlé

    I am from Kampong Thom Province. I was a student at Le Tonlé before working here. I am interested in working for Le Tonlé because I want to share my experiences with other students, and I want to get more experiences in cooking for my future.

  • Miss. Eom Nearadey
    Miss. Eom NearadeySHG Account Clerk

    I am from Kratie Province. I finished only grade 9 but I joined a training course at Le Tonlé in 2012. Now I am a staff. I love Le Tonlé and I want to share my experience to the new students and especially I want to save knowledge and experiences to run my own business same as Le Tonlé in the future.

  • Miss. Hang Tola
    Miss. Hang TolaAccounts and Admin Coordinator for SHG finance

    I am from a rural family in Prey Veng Province. I am expecting to pass a BA in Finance and Banking in 2015. Working with CRDT allows me to learn new things, be creative, innovate and have social interaction as I like to take on adventures and communicate with people who are from different countries.

  • Miss. Meas Lily
    Miss. Meas LilyAccounting Clerk for CRDTours

    I am from Kratie Province. I graduated with a BA in Accounting and Finance. I enjoy working with CRDT where I am practicing my skills learned from school to sharpen my future career in the Finance sector.

  • Mr. Bin Dim
    Mr. Bin DimProject Manager in sambo

    Wants to work and live in remote areas to continue learning how to develop the knowledge and skills of poor rural communities. He loves keeping his experience and knowledge from university sharp in the field!

  • Mr. Bo Ravuth
    Mr. Bo RavuthRegional & Training Manager

    I have been working with CRDT since October 2008 on the Mekong Kratie project based in Sambour. During that time, we have established 30 pig and chicken raising CBOs. We’ve provided a lot of alternative livelihood trainings for improving and increasing their skills and generating income as well.

  • Mr. Bun Sophara
    Mr. Bun SopharaProject Officer, ST Mekong

    I’m from Kampong Thom, and now are permanently based in Stung Treng province.

    It was about 16 months from May 2016 for working with CRDT. And within that time, I’m so excited and have a great emotional feeling to be one of CRDT members and get involved to reach its vision. Thus, also get known to everyone with high quality and commitment of work in development of rural and poor families.

    Our contribution will be not improvement for only today, but also for next generation. So, let join together…!

  • Mr. Chet Sakun
    Mr. Chet SakunProject Assistant

    I am from Svay Reing  Province. I graduated bachelor degree Rural Development With Chea Sim University of Kamchay Mear. I like to work for CRDT because I want share my experience with the different stakeholders and help the poor communities.  Here I also have the opportunity to learn thanks to CRDT and team work.

    I joined CRDT in  September 2015 as a Project Assistant in Kratie Province.

  • Mr. Duch Phiya
    Mr. Duch PhiyaTour Leader at CRDTours

    I graduated with a BA at University of Kratie. I live in a local village with my family. Every day I drive my motorbike to come to work and I go back home in the evening. It’s 10kms. I like to work with CRDTours for I meet different people from all over the world. I often lead tourists for a tour in the rural communities.  We spent time together and learn from each other by exchanging experience and culture. I like working with them and leading them to visit the rural area. Our activities are called tourism for community development because it benefits the local people and can help them to improve their living standards.

  • Mr. Dy Somborath
    Mr. Dy SomborathOperation Manager for CRDTours

    I am from Koh Kong Province. I graduated with a BA in Tourism Management. I like to work with CRDTours because I like to travel and meet with people from all over the world, and show them the culture and nature of Cambodia. Moreover, my job benefits not only the community but also the environment. Moreover, I want to learn the skills I need to develop my future career in the tourism sector.

  • Mr. Dy Sothy
    Mr. Dy SothyEnvironmental Education Officer

    I am from Kratie Province. I graduated with a BA in Agriculture in 2011. I wanted to work with CRDT because I wish to help poor and indigenous people living in rural areas to get the knowledge to improve their livelihoods and participate in nature conservation. It is also an opportunity for me to learn from other staff and further build my capacity.

  • Mr. Hach Chhorn
    Mr. Hach ChhornProject Manager in mondulkiri

    I am from Takeo Province. With my background in Animal Science and extensive experiences in improving livelihoods of small scale farmers in Prey Veng Province, I believe that I could contribute significantly to the intertwined goals of poverty reduction and environmental protection of CRDT. I am inspired by CRDT vision and mission while I understand the hearts of poorest people CRDT is helping. Moreover, I like CRDT because all staff are very friendly.

  • Mr. Hong Sochea
    Mr. Hong SocheaPublic Relation Officer

    I am from a remote village along Tonle Sap river in Kampong Chhnang province. I graduated in International Relations. Therefore, I am so excited to join CRDT, so I can share my knowledge to promote the lives of remote areas people for “Social Change”.

  • Mr. Huot Vuthy
    Mr. Huot VuthyBranch Manager at Stung Treng

    I have a Bachelor degree in Rural Development and Associate degree in English and I have been working with CRDT for more than a year now. I am now a project assistant with the Hand in Hand project in Stung Treng province. I like working with CRDT as I want to help people in rural areas reduce their poverty through income generation.

  • Mr. Kheng Bunheng
    Mr. Kheng BunhengProject Manager in Stung Treng

    I am from a rural family of 7 members in Kandal Province. I graduated with a BA in Agriculture and Rural Development. I joined CRDT in 2009. I like to work with CRDT because I can help the poor to reduce their dependency on natural resources while I improve my knowledge and skills in Rural Development and Conservation.

  • Mr. Lek Neang
    Mr. Lek NeangSenior Branch Manager,SHG

    I graduated in Agricultural Economic and Rural Development from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA). I have been working with CRDT for nearly three years since March 2009. I am very please to work with CRDT because Ifeel I can use my skills and education is a positive way, and I will continue to learn from CRDT. I am strongly committed to saving natural resourses and helping poor people in rural areas.

  • Mr. Ngourn Chanti
    Mr. Ngourn ChantiProject Officer, KT Mekong

    I am from Prey Veng Province, and graduated from Chea Sim University majoring in Rural Development. I started working with CRDT in July 2014.

    I like to work with CRDT because I can help poor people to improve their livelihoods and protect the environment. My team work is very helpful and committed and here I can learn the skills I need to develop my future career.

  • Mr. Nuon Chhay
    Mr. Nuon ChhayHR & Administration Manager

    I have started to work with CRDT since October 01, 2015.

    I am from poor rural area family and I am very proud and excited to have a chance to work for CRDT. I have experience with HR & Admin for 6 Years with various business operation.

    I graduated from Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear in Humna Resource Management in 2008 and MBA at National University of Management in 2014.

  • Mr. Pha Pech
    Mr. Pha PechCenter Manager for Le Tonle & Training Center

    I am from Kratie Province. I have been working for Le Tonlé for one year. I was actually a student at Le Tonlé before. After graduating a one year training course, I have been offered this job. I am so glad because I can do the job fitted with my skills.

  • Mr. Suong Mai
    Mr. Suong MaiSenior Project Officer

    I am from Prey Veng Province, I am from a poor family,  my parents are farmers. I graduated from Chea Sim University of Kamchaymea, faculty of Agriculture, in Rural Development in 2010.

    I have worked in community development with Youth Star Cambodia for one year ( 2011 to 2012). And I am very proud and excited to work now with CRDT. I joined CRDT in June 2014. And my position at CRDT is now Senior Project Officer.

  • Mr. Tuy Chiva
    Mr. Tuy ChivaMarketing Officer for CRDTours

    I am from Kompong Cham province. I have freshly graduated in Tourism Management, from the Royal University of Phnom Penh. At CRDT I have been involved in local projects in hospitality and skills development.  In addition, I have been part of a tourism enterprise project where I have learnt more about business in tourism and hospitality. I think social enterprise plays an important role in supporting society’s needs and reducing society’s problems. For instance, Le Tonlé is a training center that provides vocational tourism training to disadvantaged young Cambodians in the northeast Cambodia to contribute to the development of sustainable skills in rural areas.

  • Ms. Seng Thida
    Ms. Seng ThidaGrant Accountant for Livelihood program

    I am from kratie province. I graduated in 2015, I have a Bachelor of BA in Finance and Banking. I enjoy working for CRDT because it is an organization  working for the community  development to free the rural Cambodian from poverty. I also like my job because I have the opportunity to learn new things and to improve my knowledge and my experience.



  • Harriet Clark
    Harriet ClarkSenior Finance Advisor

    I am an ACA qualified accountant from the UK and wished to offer my financial expertise to the overseas development sector. I am inspired by the way the CRDT projects are run in order to bring livelihoods to under privileged families in a truly pragmatic and sustainable way. It crosses both my passions in development and the environment so I knew I would find a good fit when I joined the team.

  • Mr. Mathieu Veuillet
    Mr. Mathieu VeuilletMarketing & Business Advisor at CRDTours & Le Tonlé
    “My name is Mathieu, and I am working as Marketing & Business Advisor at CRDTours and Le Tonlé.
    I have a background in Business Management and Foreign Languages. I am really interested in the sustainable tourism, and working at CRDT allows me to do my job knowing that we are helping the local communities to have a better life.”
  • Ms. Adélaïde Lerendu
    Ms. Adélaïde LerenduFundraising Coordinator

    “I am a volunteer at CRDT for one year under the French Civic Service. I have a master degree in Project Management and Foreign Languages. Here, I’m in charge of the online fundraising and I’m also part of the communication team. Working at CRDT is very formative because this NGO has a large scale of project and I can be involved in very different projects. I am very satisfied of my experience here.”

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