Volunteering with an organisation can be a valuable contribution, if what you are doing supports and helps their vision in the best way possible.

Volunteering is a great way to be part of the team, to support our projects and help build capacity.

On this page you can find volunteer job descriptions of volunteer opportunities. If you would like to be considered for a volunteer position please submit your resume and a cover letter with the volunteer position title at info@crdt.org.kh.

For a native English speaker, this often involves editing things written in English or helping with administrative tasks. Project implementation work with communities is interesting but remember, you may not be best suited to this role – think of the cost of translators, or the impression it may give to beneficiaries, etc.

CRDT occasionally welcomes volunteers, usually for longer periods of time, 3-12 months or more. In our experience, volunteers working for shorter periods of time than this can actually take staff time away from our important project implementation work, rather than helping to support it. For this reason we cannot accept short-term volunteers.

For other opportunities, we are aware of an organisation called ConCERT who have advice and links to partners with volunteering work.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Cambodia and if you are interested in visiting Kratie and seeing some of CRDT’s work in the field then you can do this by booking a tour or homestay through our tourism social enterprise CRDTours.


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