Over the years there have been many people who have helped us become the organisation that we are today. There are far too many to name all individually, but we can point out some of our more notable supporters.

Mike Roberts: As well as being a good friend, Mike has been involved with us since 2004, providing his support with both direct and indirect contributions. Mike assisted in fundraising and donor relationship building, as well as volunteering in the field to provide technical support to field staff and represent the donor, MiVAC. Mike also made his own donations both in cash and in assistance to CRDT projects.

Unfortunately Mike passed away in March 2010. All at CRDT express their sincere condolences to his wife and his family. He was a great friend and will be dearly missed.

Dr. John Schiller: Another big supporter and good friend. Since 2003, John has encouraged the young team to improve its capacity and introduce access to donors, particularly AusAID. Even though he has not been involved directly, John has given strong references for funding opportunities and assisted CRDT members to access the capacity development program.

Isabel Beasly: Friend of CRDT since 2004, Isabel was a former dolphin researcher on the Mekong for over four years and was working closely with our advisors, Alex and Brendan, to assist CRDT in fundraising, and pushing for good partnerships with the big international conservation organisations, WCS and WWF. She helped us to define a clear vision of development for conservation, introducing the Mekong areas and main dolphin habitats in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces, we were then able to target project areas throughout north-east Cambodia.

Vince Whitehead: A good friend of since 2004. An engineer in profession, Vince has provided technical support and free construction knowledge so the team could improve the quality of construction activities and some other design innovations. Such as construction of toilets, wells, rope pumps and the quality of our biodigesters.

Bridget and Will: Good friends and supporters since 2004, Bridget and Will are the first and biggest private donors as the Macintosh-Williamson fund. The couple has provided the biggest private donation of $16,000 in total. The first donation of $10,000 was raised from their wedding ceremony contributed by their friends and families from Australia to support livelihood development projects such as the dolphin conservation on the Cambodian- Lao border, and also in Stung Treng Province, and the second donation, of $6,000 from their family members, was to support vulnerable fresh graduate students to seek opportunity for work and gain experience with CRDT. The first donation provided in 2005, was sincerely unforgettable as we were in the tight grip of funding uncertainty. This significantly fulfilled the funding gap, which otherwise would have meant we either stopped activities for a while or lost staff. This kind assistance will not be forgotten. The second donation provided in 2006 for the amount of $6000 was to support four graduates from rural backgrounds to experience and continue employment, to support 22 undergraduate MVU students for 3 months on an internship in Phnom Penh, through CRDT, and to supplement other private charities to support livelihood development project in Lgeung village, Kampong Cham province.

Sheila Tucker: Sheila has vast experience of working with NGOs in both the UK and developing countries, and currently manages a strategy for DFID in development and environment education. She came to Cambodia for a “holiday” in July-August 2009, but instead got roped in to working as a consultant to train the CRDT staff team in presentation skills, and to support CRDT to develop their first organisational strategy.

Anna Griggs: As a former lecturer of MVU where the CRDT founding members studied, Anna was proud to get engaged and support her student’s work. Anna has provided personal substantial donations as well as from her family to support our work, as well as introducing us to other donors.

Caroline Chateau: As a friend of Channy’s family from France, Caroline is a key member and representative of her French Charity Association named “Kermesse Francophone”. Through Caroline, the charity has provided funds to support 2 CRDT projects with the total amount of up to $6,000. The first project was called “Subsistence Community Livelihood Development Project” for Lngeang village, Kampong Cham province. It was supplemented by the Macintosh-Williamson Fund to support the overhead costs. The project aimed to improve the living conditions of this subsistence agriculture community, through providing agricultural training to community members and improving village sanitation through the construction of latrines. The second project was called “School Nutrition, Water, and Sanitation Improvement in Support of Community Dolphin Conservation Project” which was implemented along the Mekong in Kratie and Stung Treng province. Being supplemented by Soroptimist to support some overhead costs, This project aimed to improve the infrastructure facilities at the public centers (Schools and pagodas) to complement with the existing major livelihood development project along the Mekong.

Naomi: was the first short- term volunteer to assist the CRDT community development tour program. She is Cambodian by birth but was brought up in Canada. She was also the first tourist to embark on a tourism development program while it was in its trial stage. As the first eco-tourist, Naomi was so delighted with the tour program and impressed with CRDT so that she decided to volunteer for three months to assist in tourism development. Naomi has assisted in the whole tour system, including the itinerary, marketing notes and orientation design to promote the program and provide tour guidance for staff. With her significant contribution getting the ball rolling, the community development tour program has developed successfully and now is a well known ecotourism site in North-East Cambodia.

Rory McCormick: Rory came to the organisation in 2009 as a communications volunteer, helping to create a range of publicity materials and fund-raising campaigns, and boost our online presence. He has developed a number of design products and was involved with the set up of CRDTours – a social enterprise that supports sustainable development and conservation through responsible tourism – branding the organisation and designing many promotional materials to go with it. In 2012 he developed a new CRDT website.


Previous Advisors

Alex Diment: was the former volunteer agriculture lecturer of MVU, where the CRDT founding members came from. As a lecturer, Alex was also a key team member, acting as a technical advisor to assist the young team’s initiatives, leading to the formation of the Cambodian Volunteer Rural Development Team. Alex was working as volunteer advisor for over four years to assist the team in fundraising, providing capacity building and public relations. With Alex’s contribution to the organisation, CRDT got registered with The Ministry of the Interior in 2005, and has been able to approach many partners and donors. With his significant roles, Alex helped us to define clear goals and target areas.

Brendan Boucher: As initially a volunteer lecturer in the Management Faculty at MVU, Brendan was a key team member, assisting the graduate team to form the Volunteer Rural Development Team, with Alex. Brendan who later acted as a project coordinator to assist the team in fundraising, public relations and providing project management and leadership. As a self- support project coordinator for over 3 years, Brendan was able to lead the team to further growing and bridging problems for survival under very difficult circumstances of funding insecurity. Without Brendan and Alex, CRDT would have found those early years very difficult indeed.

Adam T. Starr: Was a management advisor and started with CRDT in 2006. Like, the two previous advisors, Adam’s roles were to assist in fundraising, donor and partner relations as well as improving organisational leadership. As CRDT grew dramatically, Adam’s job was to focus on improving management capacity, to assist in setting management systems and structures, including policies and administration procedures. As funding was secured, Adam moved from CRDT after being with the organisation for over 1.5 years, to take up a role on the BoD in 2008. Adam retired from the board in 2013.

Erin Guth: As the first lady in a management advisor role, Erin assisted CRDT to further dramatic growth, its highest in 7 years, through providing management and technical support. One of her significant roles was to raise funds that secured our work for 2 years. Erin has also assisted in strengthening the organisational management capacity and technical project implementation.

Claire Bennett: Claire came to us from VSO and stayed for almost two years. She made a significant impact at CRDT helping to support management capacity development and organisational restructuring. She raised funds and advised the management on many different aspects of CRDT’s operations. She is a dear friend of CRDT.

Sam Roberts: Sam was a VSO volunteer as part of the Accenture funded ‘Making Markets Work for the Poor’ programme and he worked for CRDT for almost two years.  His work at CRDT was primarily focused on promoting market-based approaches to development and income generation for CRDT beneficiaries.  He was also supporting the planning of some of CRDT’s social enterprises and providing management advice to the management committee.

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