As a non-governmental organization (NGO), CRDT depends on donations to fund its project activities. We do receive some financial support from international organisations, but our need for funds is a never-ending challenge.

That’s where you can help. By making a personal donation, you can make a real and tangible difference in the lives of a single family. It doesn’t take much.

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Donate via our Global Giving projects

Our current GlobalGiving project would help the 70 indigenous families of Pu Char Village, in Northeast Cambodia. The majority of them are poor and vulnerable. Their conditions of poor water access and sanitation are a challenge for both living and agriculture. This project proposes to improve water access for them, as well as the sanitation. We plan to build 2 solar pump systems, to provide primary Health Education and sanitation facilities and to improve home-gardening to ameliorate their life life standards.

80% of Cambodia’s population is rural, of those, only 47% have access to improved drinking water and 31% have access to sanitation. Pu Char Village is particularly remote and the poor conditions to water access and sanitation there are a challenge to both living and agriculture. Agriculture is the main source of income and the lack of water impacts endangered the food security as well as the villagers health.

This project will provide an easy access to water to the 70 indigenous families of this village thanks to the 2 water supply systems, which will end the problems of water resources for agriculture and day-to-day life. The installation of toilets and water filters will ameliorate the sanitation and allow a better nutrition. The community will learn the new sanitation and hygiene practices through the trainings.

Our Current Campaign: Water for Health in Pu Char Village

$ 0 Raised so far
$5,000 Target
  • $10 will support the production of material to raise awareness on sanitatin (book, poster, leaflet)
  • $25 will support the training and coaching to the Water Supply committee
  • $50 will support the construction of rainwater collectors for 1 family


  • $100 will provide one training on Primary Health Education (125 participants)
  • $150 will provide the construction of toilets for one household
  • $200 will support the construction of the water supply system


Our Past GlobalGiving campaigns
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$ 0 : Funded!

In Cambodia?

If you’re in Cambodia, you can donate directly at CRDT’s office in Kratie, or at any ACLEDA Bank branch.

International donations can also be made directly from your own bank. You will need to provide your bank with CRDT’s banking details, along with SWIFT details of an intermediary bank depending on your currency.

CRDT Bank Details

CRDT Bank Details

Account Name: Cambodian Rural Development Team
Account No: 1600-20-179519-1-7
Bank: ACLEDA Bank Plc, Head Office, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
CHIPS UID: 415637


U.S.A, New York, NY, 10018


Standard Chartered Bank, London
1 Basinghall Avenue, London EC2V 5DD


Standard Chartered Bank (Germany) GmbH
Franklinstrasse 46-48, 60486 Frankfurt/Main,


48 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 1155.

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