Executive Director

  • Mr. Or Channy
    Mr. Or Channy Executive Director

    The success of CRDT is Channy’s objective for working here. CRDT success is when all staffs reach their dreams and communities live in better life with an healthy environment. The goal we are seeking is Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation. Channy came back to CRDT after a 2-year completion of his Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. As one of the founding members, he maintains his unchanged commitment to join with his colleagues and staff working toward sustainable development goals.

Advisory Board

  • Mr. Leang Rattana
    Mr. Leang Rattana CRDT DIR­ECTOR | HR Management And Leadership

    Rattana joined CRDT’ Board in March 2014. He is a HR management and leadership specialist holding many years of experience with multinational companies in various industries such as Telecommunications, Banking and Energy. With Ericsson since 2008, Rattana is now promoted to be a Country Representative for Ericsson Cambodia with international assignment to work in Ericsson Myanmar and to provide HR management driven trainings and development throughout Southeast Asia.
    Rattana holds a Master of Business specializing in Management from Charles Sturt University in Australia. He is also an alumnus of Maharishi Vedic University (MVU) with a Bachelor Degree in Management specializing in Human Resource Management.
    What motivated Rattana to start engaging with CRDT recently was that he believes CRDT can bring a significant contribution to Cambodian communities.

  • Mr. Tuy Sereivathana Chairman | Country Representative, Fauna & Flora International Cambodia

    Found CRDT through previous Board member Adam Starr, quickly learned to love the work of CRDT, became a CRDT board member in early 2011. Vathana holds a Master’s degree in wood technology and was awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in 2010. Vathana has always had a deep respect for nature and a particular fascination with elephants, and affectionately known as “Uncle Elephant” in the communities he works in.

  • Dr. Alex Diment CRDT Director| Senior Technical Advisor at the Wildlife Conservation Society - Myanmar (WCS)

    Alex joined the Board of Directors in 2013, when he returned to Cambodia after an absence of 7 years.

    Alex was previously a founding member of CRDT in 2001, while work­ing in Cambodia as a University lecturer in Rural Development and Environmental Science. He was closely involved with CRDT as an advisor and pro­ject coordinator from 2002 until 2006.

    Alex has a Masters degree in Environmental Science and a PhD in Ecology from the University of Sydney.  In addition to his technical back­ground in biodiversity conservation, he has strong skills in community work, strategic institutional development, fundraising, management and capacity building. He now works for the Wildlife Conservation Society as the Senior Technical Advisor for the Seima Protection Forest in Mondulkiri.

    Alex says:

    “I am very gratified to see the continued development of CRDT over the years, and look forward to joining the Board of Directors, working closely with the team again to help guide their future development.”

  • Mr. Sun Mao
    Mr. Sun Mao Technical Advisor

    From a modest farming family, Sun Mao struggled in his early years but found a way into university by living in a pagoda with monks. Mao loves biogas, and with BSc in Agricultural Engineering he hopes his passions will allow him to be a strong root of Cambodia.


  • Ms. Vong Sina
    Ms. Vong Sina Finance Officer

    I am Sina from Phnom Penh; I graduated in Administration and Accounting at PSE Institute and graduated with my master’s degree in Business Administration Management at Norton University. I started my career in the finance field for 6 years with NGOs. CRDT is the place that I could challenge myself by joining a strong team that we can produce positive results and grow together.

  • Mr. Nuon Chhay
    Mr. Nuon Chhay HR & Administration Manager

    I am Nuon Chhay from Svay Rieng Province, I graduated from Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear in Human Resource Management in 2008 and MBA in Management at the National University of Management in 2014. I have work experience with HR & Admin for years with many fields of business operations. I have started to work with CRDT on October 01, 2015, and I am very proud and excited to have a chance to work for CRDT. Being a team member of Community Development and Conservative Vision, I strongly commit to pursuing this journey to help and support our team members and communities where we work with.

  • Mr. Bo Ravuth
    Mr. Bo Ravuth Regional & Training Manager

    I have been working with CRDT since October 2008 on the Mekong Kratie project based in Sambour. During that time, we have established 30 pig and chicken raising CBOs. We’ve provided a lot of alternative livelihood trainings for improving and increasing their skills and generating income as well.

  • Mr. Meas Viphou
    Mr. Meas Viphou Livelihood Program Manager

    I am from a low income family in Kandal Province. My father is a teacher and my mother and other siblings are farmers too. After graduating from a BA in Agronomy, I joined CRDT in 2006 as a volunteer. Then, I have been promoted to be CRDT staff and up to my present position. My interest is about integrating conservation and development which is what CRDT is doing. I am glad to be with CRDT where I can develop both myself and my country.


  • Ms. Song Lon
    Ms. Song Lon Livelihood Field Officer Based in Stung Treng Province

    I come from Kampong Cham Province. I graduated from Kampong Cham National School of Agriculture. I have been working with CRDT since April 2019 on the CHIN Project based in Stung Treng Province. During that time, we have selected commercial farmers to grow vegetables, provided techniques, and business plans and increased their skills, and generated income as well.

  • Mr. Mich Kimkoemim
    Mr. Mich Kimkoemim Project Farm Manager Based In Kratie Province

    I am from Kratie Province. With my background in Animal and Technical Agriculture Science extensive experiences in Kratie livelihoods of small-scale farmers Province, I believe that I could contribute significantly to the intertwined goals of poverty reduction and environmental protection of CRDT. I am inspired by CRDT’s vision and mission while I understand the hearts of the poorest people CRDT is helping. Moreover, I like CRDT because all staffs’ conduct is very friendly.

  • Mr. Srey Raksmey
    Mr. Srey Raksmey Livelihood Field Officer

    My name is Srey Raksmey, I am a farmer’s son and from Takeo province. I got a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from the Royal University of Agriculture. I have been working for CRDT for almost 3 years and now I am a Livelihood Field Officer at CRDT. I like CRDT because it helps people in remote areas, reduces poverty, increases income for the community, creates good community relationships, increases community solidarity, protects natural resources, and conserves wildlife. At the same time, I would like to learn more about community life and learn from different experiences.

  • Mr. Nhem Chea
    Mr. Nhem Chea vegetable and livestock technical trainer

    Yes, I am from Prey Veng province. I graduated from the Royal University of Agriculture, majoring in Economics of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2014, and completed pedagogy at the National Institute of Education in 2017, majoring in Agronomy. Currently, I am a teacher at Ichiki Veal Pong High School, specializing in agronomy and working in CRDT as a vegetable and livestock technical trainer. At CRDT, I have helped many Cambodians in the community gain specific knowledge and skills in growing vegetables and raising animals. Farmers who have received training from me now have a specific Occupation and income is also increasing. I am happy to work in CRDT, which gives me the ability to help Cambodians in the rural community.

  • Mr. Nak Lyda

    I am from Takeo Province. With my background in agriculture, I implemented the IDE project in the university and a project called CHAIN at Stung Treng, I believe that I could contribute significantly to the intertwined goals of poverty reduction and environmental protection of CRDT. I am inspired by CRDT’s vision and mission while I understand the hearts of the poorest people CRDT is helping. Moreover, I like CRDT because all staff is very friendly.

  • Ms. Yorn Kim Ea
    Ms. Yorn Kim Ea Livelihood Team Leader Based In Kratie Province

    My name is Yorn Kim Ea, I come from Prey Veng province, and I am a farmer’s daughter. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Rural Development from the Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear. I have been working with CRDT for more than 5 years now. And now I am a Livelihood Team Leader for CRDT. I like working with CRDT to help people in rural areas reduce their poverty and community development through income generation.

  • Mr. Phalloet Sylin
    Mr. Phalloet Sylin Field Officer Based in Mondulkiri Province

    My name is Phalloet Sylin, I come from Prey Veng Province. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Rural Development from Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear. I have been working with CRDT from April 2020 until the present. I am working with CRDT in Mondulkiri Province as a Field Officer. I like to work with CRDT because I want to help people in rural areas to reduce their poverty. And I am very happy to work with the community.

  • Mr. Ek Khemra
    Mr. Ek Khemra Project Manager Based in Mondulkiri Province

    I am Khemra from Kompong Cham province and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Royal University of Agriculture, I am a project manager based in Mondulkiri province. CRDT is an enriched learning platform where I can acquire professional experiences toward my career aspiration. Being a part of CRDT is my terrific journey to sharpen my skill and the way to work and assist directly to communities. I am keen to explore and contribute to the remote communities by assisting them to improve their livelihood program with a better income and the standard of living in a rural area without encroachment to natural resources. I firmly believe I can be a part to mitigate global warming.

  • Ms. Sila Chhorn
    Ms. Sila Chhorn Project Assistant

    My name is Chhorn Sila. I am a graduate student of agronomy at the University of Heng Samrin Thbongkhmum. I don’t have much experience but CRDT is an organization that allows me to learn and grow toward my career aspiration. Now I’m a project assistant with SGP/ICCA project in Mondulkiri province. I love working with CRDT as well as I would like to help people in the rural area reduce their poverty through income generation.

  • Ms. Thy Vaty
    Ms. Thy Vaty Livelihood Field Officer

    I am Ms. Thy Vaty, I’m from Tbong Khmum province and I was born in a farmer family near the city. I have a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management and Development from RUPP and after graduation, I was worked with NGOs focused on conservation in Cambodia. And currently, I am a Livelihood Field Officer for CRDT at Koh Nhek in Mondulkiri province. I love it working with CRDT as I want to help people in rural areas to reduce their poverty, community development.


  • Mr. Ung Techhong Luy
    Mr. Ung Techhong Luy Volunteer

    I am a sophomore majoring in International Relations and Political Sciences at Paragon International University. I am volunteering to provide technical assistance in web mastering and creative design to CRDT’s communication manager.

  • Ms. Jacksha Jackson
    Ms. Jacksha Jackson Volunteer

    I am a volunteer at CRDT for one year under the MCC organization. I have a diploma in journalism and am here as part of the communication team, l like working with CRDT because it gives me chances to
    experience different things which is also something that l like doing.

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