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Or Channy, Executive Director - - The success of CRDT is Channy’s objective for working here. CRDT success is when all staffs reach their dreams and communities live in better life with an healthy environment. The goal we are seeking is Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation. Channy came back to CRDT after a 2-year completion of his Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. As one of the founding members, he maintains his unchanged commitment to join with his colleagues and staff working toward sustainable development goals.

Sun Mao, Technical Advisor - - From a modest farming family, Sun Mao struggled in his early years but found a way into university by living in a pagoda with monks. Mao loves biogas, and with BSc in Agricultural Engineering he hopes his passions will allow him to be a strong root of Cambodia."Hean width=”150″ height=”150″ />Sann Soprey, Finance & Administration Manager - - Soprey is from the rural area of Kampong Cham province surrounded by the biggest rubber plantation in Cambodia. Working since December 2008, his main responsibilities are assisting the Executive Director in budget planning and forecasting, project financial reports, developing financial and admin policies and working with partners and stakeholders.Sut Samedy, Enterprise Development & Marketing Manager - - I'm MBA graduated, and had previously 5 years commercial experience from various companies’ and international NGOs in business and micro-finance. I have worked with CRDT since 2010 on social business enterprises and with Community Based Organizations' income generation activities. I am inspired by the vision and mission of CRDT, allowing local communities to live in dignity with financial security.Hang Vong, Advisor - - Growing up during war and poverty in the refugee camps on the Thai border with his family made him understand the hardship that rural communities face today. His dream became working to rebuild his country after such terrible times. Vong is a CRDT founding member and curently studing in Bangkok at AIT for his MSc.Khoun Tola, Tourism Officer (CRDTours) - - CRDTours is an offshoot of CRDT. CRDTours was established to provide tourists more travel options in Northeast Cambodia, generate more income from responsible tourism to support CRDT's work in rural development and conservation. Who am I? I am known as Tola, while Tota is my nickname. I love nature and people and I always hope I use my hands to do the right thing.Lek Neang, Project Assistant - I graduated in Agricultural Economic and Rural Development from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA). I have been working with CRDT for nearly three years since March 2009. I am very please to work with CRDT because Ifeel I can use my skills and education is a positive way, and I will continue to learn from CRDT. I am strongly committed to saving natural resourses and helping poor people in rural areas.Bo Ravuth, Project Officer - I have been working with CRDT since October 2008 on the Mekong Kratie project based in Sambour. During that time, we have established 30 pig and chicken raising CBOs. We've provided a lot of alternative livelihood trainings for improving and increasing their skills and generating income as well.Coline Ganz, Fundraising and Communication Coordinator - - Coline is a volunteer working through Délégation Catholique pour la Coopération (DCC) a French volunteering organisation. Her work at CRDT is primarily focused on fundraising and the relationship with donors. She has been working for CRDT since August 2012 and she enjoys a lot working at CRDT with such a great team. She also eagerly learns more about Cambodia every dayKeo Samnang, Environmental Education Manager - From a farming family in Pursat province, Samnang decided to work in Northeast Cambodia to help protect natural resources and alleviate poverty in rural areas. His personal vision is “All people living with enough food, appropriate shelter, clean water and a fresh environment”.Hun Sarith, Project Assistant - - He graduated from the Royal university of Agriculture in 2009 with a Major in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. In the field he is responsibile for facilitation with project communities and establishing CBOs. He likes that he can help people to have better income stability and play a part in conserving natural resources.Kheng Bunheng, Project Assistant - finished high school in 2005 and continued to study Agriculture and Rural Development at uni. After graduation in 2009 he came to work at the Cambodian Rural Development Team. He works with CRDT because he loves natural resources and because staff are friendly and don't eat wildlife! He really identifies with CRDT's vision: A Cambodia free from poverty and environment degradation.Meas Viphou, Project Manager - - Born in Kandal province and graduated from Maharishi Vedic University in 2006, since which time he has been right here at CRDT. He loves having the opportunities he does to work in sustainable development by supporting biodiversity. He values conservation and loves forest and wildlife so much and keep the conservation value forever.Sok Chanpheaktra, Environmental Education Officer - - Loves working with CRDT families, loves helping poor communities, loves the Mekong the way it should be, loves Cambodia.Nem Swiss, Project Assistant - Born in Takeo province and graduated from Maharishi Vedic University in 2011 in Rural Development. He loves to work with CRDT because the vision, mission, programs and activities all support biodiversity conservation. He loves the forest and hopes climate change can be mitigated, and wildlife saved for the next generations.
Dy Sothy, Project Assistant - I graduated from Chea Sim University, in Prey Veng Province, with Natural resources management. I have been working for 8 months with CRDT. I enjoy working with CRDT, because I am happy to work with people from rural areas and to provide them some knowledge about environment, health or livelihood. Moreover I like the vision and mission from CRDT and I am always glad to learn from other team members.Lin Ravy, Tourism Project Assistant (CRDTours) - you can call me Kla Kmom Teb (Deity Bear). I have been working for CRDT since October 2011. I graduated from Norton University in Phnom Penh. I love making people happy so it makes me happy too. Say Bunly, Project Coordinator of Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center in Stung Treng - - I graduated from Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2010 in the field of Tourism Management. My main interests are in capacity building and social enterprise work.   I’ve been working with Tonlé for 1 year and 8 months and officially became CRDT’s staff after it was integrated into CRDT’s management umbrella on October, 1st 2012.  Team work and work empowerment are the two crucial reasons I love to work with CRDT. My strong passion to work with Tonlé as particular and CRDT as a whole is to inspire young rural Cambodians to be proactive citizen who can struggle from poverty and develop self reliance lifeHuot Vuthy,Project Assistant - I have a Bachelor degree in Rural Development and Associate degree in English and I have been working with CRDT for more than a year now. I am now a project assistant with the Hand in Hand project in Stung Treng province. I like working with CRDT as I want to help people in rural areas reduce their poverty through income generation. Huo Vanda, Finance Assistant - After completing a degree in accounting at the Economics and Finance Institute, I came to work for CRDT in May 2013. I wish to help poor people and help the economic development of rural areas of my country. I am glad to be working at CRDT as I can improve my accounting skills and directly help people in needChhun Sophea, Project Assistant -  Born in Takeo province  I graduated in rural development from the Chea sim university of kamchay mear (CSUK). I have been working with CRDT for nearly one year, since August 2012. I am very pleased to work with CRDT as I feel I can use my skills and education in a positive way and I will continue to learn from CRDTNoeun Sokhaim, Project Assistant in Mondulkiri - I graduated from Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear in Rural Development in Prey Veng province. I have been working for 8 months with CRDT. I like to work with CRDT, because CRDT helps me to have a better knowledge on working with poor people, sustainable natural resources, environment and livelihood. what is important for me in my life is to keep on doing a good work and build my capacities

Hach Chhorn, Project Officer – Born in Takeo Province, I graduated in Animal science and Veterinary medicine, Agronomy and Extension and Rural development from the Prek Leap National School of Agriculture (PNSA) at Phnom Penh. I have started working with CRDT in May 2013. I do like my work with CRDT organization because I want to protect the natural resources as forest, wildlife and  working with poor people to share ideas about ecological agriculture to poor people in Mondulkiri Province and staffs because  I have experiences in ecological agriculture.Sun Sokha, Project Assistant - I graduated in Natural Resource Management from Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear and I have been working with CRDT since March 2012. I like my work with CRTD because I want to protect the natural resources of my country, help the poor people and increase my skills

Collett Geneviève, Organisation Development Advisor - Born in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Finishing a Masters of Science Administration in International Development with a concentration on Disaster Preparedness focusing on Relief Generated Waste from Andrews University IDP Off-Campus Program. I have experience working with emergency preparedness NGOs, conservation and development both in implementing and supporting offices. I love CRDT because it combines humanitarian initiatives with conservation. CRDT values are based on Cambodia staff that knows what is like to grown in poor rural areas of Cambodia and I think that adds to their understanding of beneficiary needs.Bin Dim, Project Manager - - Wants to work and live in remote areas to continue learning how to develop the knowledge and skills of poor rural communities. He loves keeping his experience and knowledge from university sharp in the field!


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