The Impact of Climate Change on farmers in Mondulkiri province

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Climate change is bringing a lot of changes across the globe. These impacts are critical since
agriculture makes a particularly significant contribution to the economies, food security, and
poverty alleviation in most developing countries. Cambodia is one of the countries, which is
suffering a lot due to floods and drought every year, this is because a large portion of the
population in Cambodia is involved in smallholding and subsistence farming livelihoods. The
rainy season has become unpredictable, which increases vulnerability to a changing climate
Assisting farmers to improve their skills and knowledge amid these changes, The Cambodian
Rural Development Team (CRDT) partnered with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) a
global, non-profit organization that strives to share God’s love and compassion through
relief, development, and peacebuilding. CRDT is encouraging and working closely with the
farmers to do vegetable farming, rice production as their source of income, and also raising
livestock. Moreover, providing technical support for the irrigation system and creating a business cluster as a group to bring their vegetables to sale in the local market, supermarkets, and export to other provinces.
This is the best way to mobilize the community to consider agriculture production rather than logging and trafficking, illegal land encroachment, and bird hunting as well. He is repairing the machine to pull the water from the canal

Farmer repairing the machine to pull the water from the canal

Mr. Morn Samean, is 33 years old. He is a farmer, who is living at Abuon village, Abuon Leu
commune, Koah Nheaek district, Mondulkiri province. He said “ When I was a child, I lived
with my parents, and I noticed regular the weather, regularly rainfalls during the rainy season,
and dry season, just only one or two times and then there were no rainfalls anymore, So it was
easy for inhabitants to do rice farming, crop cultivation, and vegetable growing. There was a
low risk of crop damage from climate change and I think, no climate change during that time.
Suppose, we talk about the past and current situation. It is entirely different. I cannot predict,
what will happen tomorrow?. It is very challenging for me regarding floods, storms,
temperatures, insects, pests, etc as I am a farmer, who is working based on vegetables grown in the community. In the future, I think, the climate will pursue increase, if we still do like the
current situation ”
These long-term changes in climate are bringing fear to farmers for their future will be like
them since this is life-changing, where they can not be able to do their job, sources with
a better income. All these changes show how negatively the climate patterns are changing
every time. In addition, the information on technology and capacity building needs,
particularly the need for developing a climate change in the national information system for
keeping track. Information about the causes and effects of climate emergency, habitat
destruction, and loss of biodiversity. There is also a shortage of advice and encouragement as to
what we can do about these present and immediate threats. We now all know – except those
who are strenuously doing their best to deny it – that the Earth is in grave danger. The
conditions for human life, even the conditions for life itself, are severely threatened. There
have been previous radical shifts in climate as well. Climate change has been an essential
topic around the world, and everybody needs to join and fight together to mitigate this

Floods affected Mr. Samean’s farm in October 2021
Farmer taking care Onion crop cultivation

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