MCC & CRDT Project Visit in Kratie

 In Agriculture, Kratie

MCC AND CRDT project visit in Kratie In partnership with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a global non-profit organization, CRDT and MCC visited some projects in Kaoh Chbar village, Sambo district, Kratie province where CRDT has been training local farmers in different ways of farming to gain knowledge and make some income. CRDT trained these farmers to raise chickens, make their own chickens feed, and prevent them from different diseases by vaccinating them and building fences for the chickens. CRDT saw changes in the farmers that they have trained because there were fences for the chickens which was not there before, the farmers also know how to make their own chicken feed and know the exact amount of feed needed for the chickens. On 26 December 2021 during the visit farmers were happy to share their experience through the whole training and how things are now. Speaking to one of the trained farmers Ean Ravy who has been doing this type of farming for 7 years but came across CRDT training in 2019 she talked about how being trained helped her to support her family financially through chicken farming since she can make money which is a different case than before because a lot of her chickens were dying during the rainy season and with different diseases since she did not know how to protect them but now she has a fence and she knows how to vaccinate her chickens and she knows the type of diseases that can attack her chickens. She also said that now it’s not expensive to take care of her chicks because before she used to buy the chicken feed but now she can make her own chicken feed which saves her a lot of money. Rain Water Collector is another activity that was visited- it helps farmers to have water to water their vegetables when it’s not raining. This project has helped farmers to harvest their vegetables continuously which enables them to have healthy meals with their families and high demand on the market because their vegetables are free from chemical use, which gives them the advantage of selling more and making money to support their families.

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