Case Study

 In Kratie

Ean Ravy is a farmer from Kaoh Chbar village, Sambo district, Kratie province. She has been raising chickens for 7 years but started receiving training from CRDT in 2019. This training changed her life because she gained a lot of skills and knowledge on how she can raise her chickens in a good way. She received a couple of training that she’s never had before, like vaccinating the chickens, feeding the chickens with the right amount of food without wasting, producing chicken feed with low production cost, and building a surrounded fence and a house to protect them from the transmitted diseases and predators.

“Before the project, I used the old ways of raising the chickens. During the rainy season, many chickens died because I had no experience on how l could take care of them. It was also a challenge to me when they got sick because I knew nothing of how l could cure them, so to protect them, l always had people coming over to vaccinate them. Still, after the training, l can do that independently without spending much money. With all the training l got from CRDT am always happy knowing that the chickens l raised give me a source of income, and now l make a profit out of this farming because l get to have our daily needs.” she said.

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