Food security program in Stung Treng

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In September 2019 the farmers of Peamkhe village, Srae Sambo commune, Siem Pang district, Stung Treng province received training on vegetable seedling germination, by focusing on how to prepare the soil for germinating and soil heating to eliminate pests which cause disease. Forty-six farmers, 28 women, who are from semi-commercial and commercial farmers, participated in the training. Farmers were happy to participate because the training focused on both theory introduction and field practice.
This is our CHAIN-Cambodia Horticulture Advancing Income and Nutrition project which works with the donors partners the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.
CRDT is promoting horticulture value chains for sustainable increase production, incomes and food security of smallholder farmer’s households in targeted rural areas in Cambodia.
Most Cambodian farmers are smallholders with less than two hectares of land per household. Cambodian smallholder agriculture substantially relies on female farmers, with women’s contribution to food production totalling about 65% of agricultural labor.Currently, approximately 70% of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in Cambodia are imported from Thailand and Vietnam. Fast economic growth has resulted in more demand for safe local fruits and vegetables. This constitutes new market opportunities for previously isolated farming communities and female-headed households, due to improvements in rural infrastructure. The increasing market demand for fruits and vegetables provides a huge opportunity for smallholder farmers and processors, particularly women, to increase income and food security.

The mission supports female and male smallholder farmers to increase sustainable production, income and resilience. Within the fruits and vegetables sector , CHAIN tackles market system constraints to improve the inclusive service delivery to poor farmers households, women headed households and ethnic minorities.

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