Mother and child nutrition program

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July 2019

CRDT has been working in the province of Stung Treng to improve the knowledge of parents and caregivers on the importance of a nutritious diet for the health of a mother and her child/children.

This 3-year-project is funded by BMZ and Plan International and aims to train mothers and caregivers on how to provide a nutrient-rich and balanced diet to children. As well as training women of reproductive age how to better feed themselves.

In July 2019 CRDT held a workshop with the women in the local communities in Stung Treng to teach them vital cooking skills. The information included things like cooking and kitchen hygiene, personal hygiene as well as how to cook using a variety of ingredients in order to provide a balanced diet for the mother and her child/children.

The mission for the project over the 3 years is to target 2,600 children under the age of 5 years. The program also works with 7,600 women of child-bearing age. The program also works directly with 5 health centres in the local area.


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