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In collaboration with our partners the Wildlife Conservation society (WCS) and the Centre For People And Forests a workshop was held for our new project which is sponsored by the Asian Development Bank.

The new project has been prepared for the ministry of Rural Development Ministry of foreign affairs and forests, the ministry of interior ministry of interior, urban planning and construction ministry of land management, urban planning and construction.

The project takes place in Keo seima, in Mondulkiri province. The project homes to create a community forest which is sustainable and can also be managed as a mixed use forest by the local community. CRDT and its partners plans to  implement a sustainable bamboo harvesting program and establish bamboo business groups at Srae Prash commune based in the Community Protected Area (CPA).


On this day 30 July 2019 was the inception of the official community forest protected area for the Srae Prash commune.

The Ministry of environment and finance ministry of public works and inspection – the ministry of environment and finance ministry of Rural Development Ministry of public works and inspection.

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