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Case study of Tailoring Business of Miss Khiev Saveng, Kang Decho Village, Thalaborivath Commune, Stung Treng. November 15, 2018. Part of Vocational Skill Training Program implemented by CRDT through Plan International and BMZ.

Miss Saveng always wanted to be a tailor. When she was young she wanted to make clothes, and in fact, in 1997 she followed a 3-month evening course on tailoring. However, after she completed the course, her skills were still limited, too limited to become a professional tailor. Lack of money has been a persistent problem in her life and now stopped her again from continuing her training and pursuing her dream.

Miss Saveng currently lives in Kang Decho village, in Thalaborivath commune in Stung Treng province. When she heard from befriended tailors in Thalaborivath that they had followed a training course at the vocational training center in Veal Ksach, she got interested and wanted to participate in this training course herself. This is how she got in contact with the CRDT and the vocational skill training program offered by the CRDT with the aid of Plan International and the German Development Ministry (BMZ).

Miss Saveng about the training course: ‘I love making clothes, but my skills were still limited. When I was learning during the course I really learned fast, because I love tailoring. The course has helped me to better support my family’

Miss Saveng has two children, one daughter of 16 and one son of 13 years old. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to part with her husband. Her own tailor business now helps her to support her children by herself. The business is going well.

Miss Saveng: ‘I have refused one order of a teacher to make clothes for him, because I already have a lot of orders to work on. I get a lot of orders’

Miss Saveng works at her home. A typical day of hers consists of cleaning the house, cooking breakfast for the children, bringing them to school and then making clothes until 5 pm. However, she does not feel that she is very busy, because she really likes to make clothes. Her customers come from the village, and includes students for which she makes school uniforms, both primary and secondary school uniforms. In fact, she already gets orders from other villages, because her work is known for its high quality. She can make all types of clothes, from shirts and trousers to skirts and blouses.

She now teaches the craft to one of her younger siblings. When her sibling has learned the craft too, she can assist Miss Saveng in her business. Miss Saveng’s plan is to be a focal teacher at the vocational training center. Additionally, for her own business, she has plans to expand it and make it look like a professional, established tailoring shop. When she has got electricity in the house next month, she can buy an electric sewing machine and make more clothes in less time. She is looking forward to expand her business and truly enjoys the work so far.

Miss Saveng: ‘I am very grateful to the CRDT for making this possible to me. It would have been impossible to follow a training course on my own, because I would not have enough money for the travel costs and the costs of the training. With the sewing machine that I borrow from the vocational training center, I can make my own clothes and help the village by providing my own made clothes to them.’

Cambodian woman sewing machine making clothes tailor business

Miss Saveng focused on her work at her home

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