CRDT is preventing stunting and rehabilitates children from malnutrition

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In picture: 25-month-old Sitha Ranun (on his toy bike) recovered from severe acute malnutrition following full treatment and home care. Picture taken at field visit of CRDT-BMZ project site with PLAN international on July 11, 2018.

The CRDT is engaged in a 3-year-project that will last until August 2019. The aim of the project is multifold. First, it will train and assist mothers and caregivers in providing their children under 5 years of age with a nutrition-rich and healthy diet. Second, it will raise awareness on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Health) for mothers and their young children. Third, it aims to increase income generation opportunities (commercial gardens and micro enterprises).

Part of the nutrition-improvement activities is to help mothers in monitoring the growth and food intake of their young offspring. It also trains them to signal symptoms of food deficiency in their children. So, Moderate and Severe Acute Malnourishment can be diagnosed and the children can be treated for this.

So far, there have been diagnosed three cases of Severe Acute Malnourishment in the project area. One of the cases, is that of Sitha Ranun. He was as light as 8.4 kg when he was a 24-month-old boy, while he was only 80 cm short. This is diagnosed as severe underweight. Therefore, on the first week in July 2018, Ranun was given a referral to the Stung Treng Hospital to get treatment. He stayed there for one week and was given medication, rehydration fluids, therapeutic milk-based liquid and food for four days. In addition, Ranun got therapeutic food for two days at the hospital.

After receiving the full treatment for three weeks plus eating proper food and receiving complementary feeding, Ranun’s weight had increased from 8.5 kg to 9.7 kg. Currently, Ranun’s mother is getting guidance with feeding her son the appropriate food that is rich in the necessary nutrients.

Mrs. Dany, Ranun’s mother is glad with the help she is receiving.
I am really happy to see that my son has become so much better. I don’t want him to get sick again, so I will keep trying to look after him and give him nutrition-rich food regularly, so I can prevent him from becoming malnourished again”, Mrs. Dany said.

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