Water Supply System in support people to respond to drought

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Thbong Khla village1 is located along the Mekong River which most people were mostly vulnerable to drought in 2015. Due to drought happened, people faced the most problem was food shortage because of less income and low yield/productions. Their rice fields were dried during rice growing, not available water for normal livestock caused them been sick and died, as well as people were not possible to grow vegetable for eating. And there are only 15 wells are used by some households. Normally, most people used water from river, which is far from village about 50 meters.

All people took a bath at river directly, which women and children are easily getting bad impact of sexual embarrassment and they always brought water with them back from river to house for home consumption such as drinking, cooking, kitchen materials cleaning and support some planting and livestock. So, they are reported to be main responsibility for water supply for home consumption. However, small amount of household have been using water pumping machine in place. So, they spent at least a half an hour a time of water carrying. It would be affected by decreasing children education time. So, most of households in Thbong Khla haven’t meet enough water access to use to support their health and household economic properly, additionally they have used low quality water. Before the project provided a water supply system, most of all villagers in Tbong Kla village are difficult to access the water (especially in dry season) for both human and agriculture but after project provided it there have 45 households are access to clean water and able to reduce the dangerous (especially on women and children). However they can’t use a lot of water for agriculture growing and livestock but they able to use a little water to produce agriculture at his/her home garden.

With “Promoting Climate Change Resilient among smallholder farmer community along the Mekong River Project”, this project is implemented by Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) under supported by Plan Cambodia and funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), one water supply system (pipe to home with sand filter) was constructed in Thbong Khal village. It was proposed to access the people with clean water in aiming to address above problems. As well as, it was expected to support households to decrease critical time and pressure works of household water supply, which children and women always responded, and increase available nutritious foods for health and income for any emergency needs. In fact, it is effected positively to the children in terms of increasing their study time both at school and home after their households are connected to water system.

As well as, their accidents will be also decreased in future while they would not go directly to river in both dry and flood season. Women’s pressure works are also decreased with household water supply and home garden work. The women could also increase more incomes and food accessibility from their home garden through connecting from the water system, easily. To manage the system sustainable, 3 community people (1 woman) are selected as water committee to operate the water supply system under support by local authority such as commune, district and Provincial Department of Rural Development (PDRD). Ms. Kreourn Phalla, 25 years old, in Tbong Kla village said “I am very happy when I knew the project of water supply system in my village. It is very important for my family to decrease work pressures and dangerous during bring water from river. She added, during middle of year 2015, my daughter died with drown while she brought water at the Mekong River”.

The project is very supportive from local authority (village, commune and district). Commune chief, she supported 100% to identify identifying the donated land for building water supply system.

Ms. Chan Sophal, O’ Mreah commune chief, said “I am appreciated to the project and especially the water supply system, which is the first project existed in my commune development plan. I really support the project because it benefits to my population which could provide positive change on local people health and economic even almost household are hesitating to connect. I really commit to encourage them to connect the system”.

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