CRDT Water for Health Video

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Watch our latest video to see how CRDT has transformed the lives of the people of Pu Char Village in the rural province of Mondulkiri. Many of the villagers have lived there as farmers for generations, and for them water is essential for their way of life. Before CRDT installed the water supply for the village, the people there had to trek long distances to the nearest stream for water, and had no access to toilets or clean water. CRDT has dramatically improved the day-to-day life of the people of Pu Char by installing a water supply system, which gives the villagers instant access to clean water and toilets. CRDT has also provided the villagers with a number of training courses on technical skills for the growing of vegetables, raising livestock and the importance of clean water and healthy living practices. With your donations the people of Pu Char can take part in further trainings to acquire  more skills and improve their standard of living.

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