Project Launching Workshop on Cambodia Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion

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Cambodia is among the poor countries with low economic growth. People in rural communities lack knowledge on economic, social, food security, income generation, hygiene, and sanitation. Sanitation and hygiene are important to foster a country’s development.
To help promote hygiene in rural Cambodia, Plan International Cambodia is carrying out a project called Cambodia Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Program (CRSHIP) in co-operation with the ministry of rural development of Cambodia. Plan International Cambodia has partnered with Cambodian Rural Development (CRDT) to implement CRSHIP in Kratie. The project starts from August 2016 until June 2018. CRSHIP focuses on creating access to basic improvements and improved facilities in households and hygiene behavioral change within the rural communities in Sambo and Preak Brasab district. The project encourages Cambodian rural communities to use toilets, wash hands with soap and drink clean water by using filtered or boiled water.
Workshop Purpose
Promote Sanitation and Hygiene in Rural Cambodia (Kratie)
Build relationships with local authorities and relating government offers
Produce a strategic plan to achieve the project‘s target among local authorities

Workshop Expectation
CRSHIP project advertised to rural communities and key people such as village chiefs, commune consults, district governors and beneficiaries.
Obtain support from Cambodian government officers and local authorities
Participants at the launching workshop have a chance to share their experience of the challenges among communities

Practical Technique
The program will deliver with no hardware subsidies approaches. CRSHIP will focus on behavioural change and create demand for hygiene and sanitation products: 1) Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS; 2) School Community-WASH (SCWASH); 3) Sanitation Marketing; and Information, Education, and Communication (IEC). 4) The program will use Behavior Change Communication (BCC) for its promotional campaign. It will create a positive impact on hygiene and sanitation in Cambodian rural communities.

Written by Bin Dim
Project Manager

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