Biodiversity Conservation Workshop

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On the 21st September, the Cambodian Rural Development Team along with WWF and WCS, participated in a workshop which involved reporting results in regards to the plan of Livelihood Improvement, Strategy, Development and Implementation (LISDI). The results are to be forwarded to the ADB donor of Biodiversity Conversation Corridor Project (BCC).

Consequently the following objectives were raised from the workshop and need to be considered in order to implement the project.

1) A strategic plan in place on biodiversity conservation in the eastern highland landscape of Cambodia.

2) Getting satisfactory recommendations from all stakeholders.

3) Putting the project into action.

4) Biodiversity conservation corridor project is for improving livelihood activities

There are 109 participants from various stakeholders such as NGO partners, government officers and local authorities. On a break session, discussion focused on bamboo, honey, resin, eco-tourism and a livelihood strategic plan.

Additionally, 70 workshop participants have requested that the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) provide training to Pu Trom village in the areas of water supply, rainwater collection, latrines and livestock. The participants look favorably towards CRDT for this training, as the team has done efficient work in the province of Mondoukiri.

Written by Hong Sochea

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