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Mrs. Singuon Chanthy lives in Phum Leu village, Stung Treng province. She is a 31 year old housewife, and her husband is a motorbike repairer. They have 3 kids, 1 boy and 2 girls.

In May of 2014, Chanthy enrolled as a member of “Akphiwat Phum Leu SHG”. This was a great opportunity for her to be involved in several training courses to improve her skills, share her experiences and problems with the other members of the group and find solutions with them. She participated in trainings such as group management, financial management, and training on enterprise motivation. Chanthy is an active member within the group. “I am very happy to be a member of “Akphiwat Phum Leu SHG”. Through my participation in SHG, I increased my income and the economic situation of my family has improved. I learnt how to run a business and save money. I created a motorbike repair business and thanks to an internal and external loan I had the opportunity to expand our business.” Said Chanty.

These trainings offered to the communities are part of a project supported by Hand in in Hand (HiH) and implemented by the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) via SHG FINANCE PLC. program. Thanks to the trainings on financial and enterprise promotion, Chanthy really improved her self-confidence and then decided to improve her motorbike repair business. In July 2016, she created her own shop. To improve her business, she borrowed a loan of $500 from SHG Finance Plc. With this money she built the new shop and bought motor spare parts.

Before joining the SHG, Chanthy was renting a small shop with her husband. However they needed more space to repair more motorbikes and to keep up with growing demand. They had a lot of customers but space was their main issue and it became impossible for them to store the motorbikes. Now that they have their own shop and have enough capital and space for motor preparing, they also have more customers. The income generated from their business is mainly used on daily expenses and the SHG savings, but also a portion of it goes towards the children’s education. Chantly and her husband hope that their children will go to school longer than they did. Chantly dropped out of school in grade 12.

“The SHG is very important to me and my family and now we can enjoy the many benefits of this experience. I participated in trainings such as financial management and enterprise promotion, which have improved my knowledge and skills. I had the opportunity to borrow money, and now I have money to run my business. I also had the opportunity to share experiences and information with the other members” she explained.

For the future, Chanthy dreams to have a bigger motorbike repair shop where they could also sell more motorbike materials. We hope she fulfills her dreams!

Mr. Bo Ravuth, Regional Manager


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