The positive impact of Food Processing training

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 Ms. Seri Rath lives in O’rana village, Sre Khtum Commune in Mondulkiri Province. She is 22 years old and dropped out school after grade 9. She is a seller and her husband is a farmer. Her family’s income comes from soybean juice: they earn around $5 to $15 per day.

In August 2016 Seri became a member of the Self Help Group of her village, called Mean Chey Group. She heard from this opportunity from her neighbors, who were already involved in this project, and went to CRDT staff to be part of this adventure.

It gave her the opportunity to attend to many training courses to improve her knowledge and skills such as small business enterprise, food processing, and market dialogue. Ms. Seri would like to create a small business so she is very interested in skill training and the group’s saving activities. “I am very happy that I have participated to the trainings as a member of “Mean Chey Group. Now my family is better than one year ago and we increase our income through selling the soybean juice, apple juice and other food processing”, Ms. Seri Rath said.

These trainings are facilitated by Cambodia Rural Development Team (CRDT) and supported by One Action from Swiss land and Wildlife Society Conservation (WCS).

Seri now feels more confident thanks to her new food processing skills. She even decided to expand her production. Currently, she sells apple and soybean juices, and would like to find new production to sell in the future. For Seri and her family, the trainings can change a lot of things and have a real positive impact since she has new knowledge and skills and know how to run a business and improve its income.

For her future Seri dreams to expand more and more her business and its income. She hope to become an expert on food processing through all the trainings she can attend. Her next project is to show her progresses to CRDT staff by inviting them to visit her business.

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