Mother-Child Health workshop in Stung Treng

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Mother-Child Health workshop in Stung Treng

On the 5th of October 2016, CRDT and PLAN organized a workshop about the BMZ granted project, « improve Mother and Child Health and Income in Stung Treng province » at Raksmey Pich hotel.

Plan International received a three years grant from the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to improve accessibility, availability and consumption of nutritious food in Stung Treng province, with a special focus on women in reproductive age, babies and children.  This project is implemented in partnership with Cambodia Rural Development Team from the 1st of September 2016 until the 31st of August 2019.

In total, 132 people attended the workshop, including 51 women, and all the participants were really satisfied to learn about this project as they see a new opportunity to help many disadvantaged people in the target area. The local authorities (village, commune, district and provincial level) said that they were strongly committed to support and to get involved with this project.

The main objective of this workshop was to help the different stakeholders to understand the project’s objectives, outcomes, strategies and approaches, and to define the coordination and collaboration requested between the different teams. Besides, the workshop allowed the local authorities to see their role in this project and to organize the work of the different stakeholders.

The project implementation will be carried out by CDRT with technical support from Plan International Cambodia. This project will contribute to the reduction of stunting rates among children under five years old by improving household nutritional practices and care. Furthermore, one of the outcome of this project will be the increase of the production and households’ income and the improvement of the consumption (more nutritious and diverse food) in 35 villages in Stung Treng Province.

To ensure the achievement of the project objectives, the staff will focus on the following approaches:

(1) Improve the access to health services for severe and moderate acute malnutrition for children under 5

(2) Diversify the pregnant women and children under 5 diet to prevent the appearance of nutritional deficiencies

(3) Enhance households’ sanitation and hygiene practices

(4) Diversify the food production in households

(5) Enhance micro-enterprises to improve the income generation.

The project will be implemented in 35 villages of eight communes (Orei, Thala Borivath, Anloung Chrey, Sreh Reusey, Preah Romkel, Prek Meas, Thmor Keo and Sekong) in the two districts of Siem Pang and Thala Borivath, in Stung Treng province. The target areas cover 5 Health Centers operational areas. The target groups and beneficiaries include: women in reproductive age (from 15 to 49 years old), pregnant women, mothers and caregivers of children under five, Village Health Support Groups (VHSG) and core parent groups. Moreover, the project approach includes a close coordination and collaboration with the Health Centers for health promotion in the areas and for assessment, referral and treatment of acutely malnutrition among children.

 Written By Mr, Kheng Bunheng

Stung Treng, Project Manager


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