Capacity-building in Kampong Dmarey Village

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Some trainings have been provided to the Self Help Group of Kampong Dmarey Village to improve the food security and income generation in the area. The members of the group received one training in group and finance management, and another one to improve their capacity to face the climate change consequences.

On the 6th and 7th of September 2016 the CRDT team conducted a refreshment training on group and financial management for Kampong Darmrey Chhey Chumneah Group at Kampong Dmarey village, Sambour district, Kratie province with 26 participants, including 21 women. This training is part of the project “Promoting resilience in agricultural and enterprises for food security among subsistence farmers along the Mekong River”, funded by Cambodia Climate Change Alliance. The objective of these training is to improve the capacity of this group to solve climate change issues and to increase food security and income generation in the village.

In Kampong Damrey village, the people living depends on traditional agriculture, every year they extend and make rotational farm land. Each household works individually and tries to extend his farm land, which strongly affects the environment. Even though they succeed to extend their land, most of them can’t produce enough to feed their family or create income because of climate change. Climate change indeed affects the traditional farming which completely relies on natural resources that tend to be scarce. The farmers now realize that they can’t use the traditional techniques of farming anymore and need to use more modern techniques.

Since the vulnerable households need micro-finance to access to the new techniques (materials, knowledges, etc.) that’s why CRDT provide them some capacity-building trainings. With the group and financial management trainings the community learn how to create savings, to manage a group, to manage a loan and bookkeeping skills. Therefore, the group will be able to manage the money loaned and the members of the SHG will have the opportunity to borrow some money to develop their sustainable income generation and food security through creating cyclical agricultural farm using modern techniques that adapt with climate change.

Besides, the training can form the group well with unity, strength, confidence, knowledge, and prosperity, which makes the group more powerful to deal with authorities and to advocacy for community’s problems. Moreover, this training is a good opportunity to be sure that the SHG is still aware of its missions and objectives. Teaching them marketing is also a good way to be sure that they can sell agriculture products with higher prices, and be better to negotiate when they need to buy products for the community. This is also a way to increase their income.

These trainings were an answer to problems raised by the villagers. They really appreciated this opportunity to learn and have now a better understanding of their objective and a stronger commitment to their common cause.

Mr. Bin Dim, 

Project Manager

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