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On the 26th and 27th of July 2016, the CRDT project team was conducting an orientation meeting for a new project in two villages in Beong Char commune, Sambour district, Kratie province.
The new project orientation was conducted in Kampong Damrey village and Kampong Kbeourng village with 47 participants, including 36 women. Both villages are along the Mekong River in Prey Lang Landscape.

The subject for these new project orientation meetings was «promoting resilience in agricultural and enterprises for food security among subsistence farmers along the Mekong River». This project has been funded by the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance. This project started in July 2016 and will last 3 years until March 2019. With a budget of $105,209 this project implemented by the Cambodia Rural Development Team (CRDT) aims to sustainably increase food security among rural poor communities along the Mekong river in Prey Lang landscape. The team will develop the climate resilience of food production system with the beneficiaries of this project to help them produce enough food to feed their family and create some income despite the climate change consequences (drought, shorter rainy season, less rain, …).

The project targets the vulnerable communities living along the Mekong River in Prey Lang landscape. These communities are vulnerable because they depend entirely on the natural resources. They live on the traditional farming, on the intensive fishing (which is now illegal) and on the forest to create land for farming but also to cut down the trees and sell them. Furthermore, the communities are aware of the consequences due to climate change but they do not know how to adapt their lives to it.

Besides, this project should also improve the low food security and low income generation in these communities by improving the production and their access to the market to sell products.

The communities are really happy to see this new project implemented in their villages. They expect to build their capacities on agricultural techniques, to improve their farming and to learn to face the climate change.

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