Role of youth in the environment protection

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In Koh Sneng village, Stung Treng province, a group of young people has been formed to raise awareness about the environment conservation among the community and to create dynamic activities.

The project implemented by CRDT Cambodian Rural Development Team in Ramsar Site focuses on the environmental education and conservation and on pilot activity targeting young people. This 24-month project has started in July of 2015, and is funded by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.

To reach its objectives, CRDT started to use a new strategy. Indeed, since October 2015, a group of fourteen young people, including five girls, was formed in Koh Sneng village, Stung Treng province, to motivate the other youngs to join the project activities through dynamic activities such as role play. This is a new way to engage people and share information and will allow youth to get a better grasp of the importance of biodiversity conservation and impending threats. The project staff trained this group about biodiversity, conservation, regulation and laws, and also about the impacts of climate change and mitigating. They also received capacity building trainings in leadership and saving group management. In fact, they have planned to share knowledge and experiences with other people in the village and raise their concern about their environment

Miss Ma Chantha, 23 years old, leader of the group, said that she’s very happy and interested by this project. She added that she and her team are strongly committed to conserve the environment and also to reduce the village dependence to natural resources. She has shared information about climate change and preservation of the natural resources with her family and some people who live close to her house and has pushed them to clean around their house. In addition, she said that with her group they are currently working to convince the young people who are practicing logging, hunting or illegal fishing to stop these activities and join them to preserve the environment for the future generations.

The group members are also doing some saving activities. They have already saved 360,000 riel since the group inception.

Next month, they plan to conduct waste collection events along the road in the Koh Sneng village. They will invite students, teachers, villagers and local authorities (police, village chief and commune chief) to participate to the event, supported by CRDT. These events will help to raise awareness among the community about waste management.

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