How SHG is helping the poor families ?

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With Savan’s story you will understand how the Self Help Group model is helping the poor families to improve their situation.

A Self Help Group (SHG) is a small homogeneous group of persons voluntarily gathering to achieve, among other things, collective social and economic goals and save some money together to create a common fund. This fund allow them to finance some individual or collective projects.

Mrs. Chan Saven lives in Ou Trel village, Thala Borivat commune, Thala Borivat district, Stung Treng province. She is a 32 years old farmer and had graduated grade 12. She has 3 children,two of them are girls, and her husband is a soldier. The family’s income comes from rice farming and the father’s salary ($200 per month).

On August the 13rd of 2014 Saven enrolled as a member of “Ou Trel group Rung Roeurng SHG” so she has an opportunity to get many training courses to improve her knowledge and skills. She participated in trainings such as group management, financial management, enterprise promotion and especially skills training on chicken raising. Saven is very interested in skills training and in the group’s saving activities. “I am very happy that I have participated to the trainings as a member of “Ou Trel Rung Roeurng group SHG. Now, my family is in a better situation and our income has increased through my participation in SHG via chicken raising, saving money, used internal and external loan”, she said.
These trainings offered to the communities are part of a project supported by Hand in in Hand (HiH) and PAZ Y DESARROLLO and implemented by the CRDT Cambodian Rural Development Team.
Thanks to the trainings in technique and financial Saven really improved her selfconfidence and then decided to extend her chicken raising activity. Since December 2015 she is raising around 100 chickens. For improving her business, she borrowed an external loan of $500 from SHG Finance Plc and an internal loan of $150 from the saving group. She borrowed money to buy the new chickens and their feeds, and the materials to build the chicken coops. She applies local feeds (rice, part of rice, vegetable) and market feeds for chicken raising.

Before joining the Self Help Group, Saven had a small chicken raising activity with between 5 or 10 heads raised. Saven was using the traditional techniques to raise them, and these chickens were only for feeding her family. Now, she knows modern techniques and can raise more animals, which allows her to sell some every month. The money is used to pay for her children education, for the chicken’s feed, the savings for the SHG and to buy some materials for the house. According to Sevan, the new income also covers the loan repayment and the house and business expenses.
“The SHG is very important to me and my family and now we can see all the benefit coming from this experience. I participated in trainings such as financial management, entreprise promotion and capacity building, which have improved my knowledge and skills. I had the opportunity to borrow money and now I have money to run my business. I also had the opportunity to share experiences and information with the other members” she says.
For the future, Sevan dreams to have more and more chickens, to improve her capacity on chicken raising technique and to construct a big chicken pen. We wish her to realize her dreams!

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