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CRDTours, the CRDT’s social enterprise offering tours and stays in communities to tourists needed a new display, to represent the organisation but also to attract the tourists and make the office more visible. Indeed, the CRDTours office is in front of the Le Tonlé guesthouse, and offer services to the tourists staying there is the main objective of our team. This is why our team decided in July to create and build a new display, to install above our portal, as you can see on the following pictures.

The idea was to create an original display, using the colors of CRDTours but also those of CRDT, to remind the link existing between the two entities. The design is like a house, meaning of hospitality and cosiness. We chose to represent the Irrawaddy dolphins, symbols of Kratie but also of the ecotourism in this region. As CRDTours is an ecotouristic agency these two dolphins were a good way to represent our main concern: preserving our environment while helping tourists discover our beautiful region and its attractions.

With the students of Le Tonlé and CRDTours staff, we built the new display in one week. We built the display thanks to bamboos, painted it with color sprays and realized the message with strings and straw. The final touch was the light bulbs, which we turn on at nightfall.

I would to thank all the contributors of this project, thanks for your help, you definitely have done a great job!

IMG_20160624_170249 IMG_20160624_154742 IMG_20160630_162421 IMG_20160630_170111 IMG_20160704_163520 20160724_183808

Mathieu Veuillet
Marketing Advisor for CRDTours

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