The Water supply system community of Koh Phdao

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Every year the Water Supply System community of Koh Phdao village gather to take stock on the situation in the village and its evolution.

This community conducts a meeting every year to review the progresses, the challenges and its solutions, and the future plans for the community. Located in the biggest island of the Mekong River in Kratie province, this community accessed to clear water throught a CRDT’s project in 2014.

111 of 168 households are now connected to the water supply system. Due to this system 66% of the households have better living conditions. First, they have clean drinking water which improve the hygiene and heath within the community. Secondly, they have more time available for other activities like vegetable farming, livestock raising and ecotourism activities. Thus, they increased their incomes and support the environment conservation.

Throughout 3 years of project implementation, the community members have remarkably improved their life and have received a lot of benefits.

According to the water used, 200 cubic meter of water were consumed by the 111 families during the past 30 months for daily living and livestock raising. It means an average of 2m3 per family per month.

This community is now able to generate USD 118.00 of incomes per month from offering water service. The profit recorded from the start of the project until now reach USD 2,000. With the community money three kind of services are provided: community development, future improvement for the system, and group administration.

This year the community decided to take the profit to expand the system and provide water to the rest of the families of the community. Thus, the whole village will have clean water access.

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