On the way to improve capacity to cope with climate change impacts

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Mr. Loem Sokhut, 35 years old, married with 3 children, is a Farmer Promoter recruited by CRDT Cambodian Rural Development Team in 2013. He lives in Bay Samnom village, Koh Khnae commune, Sambour district, Kratie province. His main family income comes from agricultural activities, such as rice and vegetable production as well as cow, buffalo and chicken raising.
After getting married in 1999, the recently married couple experienced rough times for a while. Rice growing was the only livelihood activity, and its production was not high enough for a whole year’s household consumption. Therefore, Sokhut combined rice with vegetable production. However, the water shortages characteristic of the dry season – and difficulties to pump water from the river – prevented high vegetable yields and he decided to stop growing vegetables.
In 2013, Mr. Sokhut, was recruited and trained by CRDT as a farmer promoter. He was further trained on techniques for chicken raising and vegetable growing. He engaged in other workshops on climate change and exchanged experiences with his peers in other provinces as well. Now he is a model farmer in climate change adapted agriculture. He often teaches other villagers tricks to properly select seeds, build a more productive vegetable growing calendar, make compost and grow low water-demanding crops. Additionally, he rarely misses meetings and trainings organized by the CRDT staff.
Using improved techniques, I could earn at least $13 per month by selling vegetables and $38 by selling chicken. With these earnings I support my child’s education and cover the household daily expenses, such as food and medicines. My future plans involve to expand my farmland and to learn more how to grow vegetables that do not need much irrigation.” said Mr. Sokhut. As a matter of fact, he has recently come up with an easy way to grow vegetables without the need for much irrigation. It consists of growing vegetables in earth-filled sacks, thereby saving in soil as well. All things considered, he is certainly a proactive community development villager. “While pushing up my living standards, I will do my best to improve other villagers´ within the community” emphasized Mr. Sokhut.

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