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New machineries and trainings have improved the socioeconomic conditions of small farmers in Saob Kraom Village.

In March 2016 in Saob Kraom Village, Kratie province, CRDT  and SHG Finance PLC with the financial support of PYD provided new machineries and trainings to the Self-Help Groups of this village. Agriculture and Milling machineries have been installed in this village, funded by the previously cited organizations but also by the Self-Help groups themselves: they provided 4 million riels, among which 3 were borrowed to SHG Finance PLC and 1 was personal investment.

Thanks to new equipment and skills, the community can now increase its livestock production and generate more incomes from the production and sale of animal processed feed products for chickens, ducks, and pigs.

The small business is managed and run by 5 committees from SHGs since February. We have the business coordinator, the store manager, the marketing manager, the transportation manager and the seller. All the members have received a capacity building training about entrepreneurial skills, bookkeeping and techniques of food processing. The business can now process food for chickens, ducks and pigs and mills for villagers.

At the end of May, after only 3 months, they have sold 1,100 Kgs to 20 different buyers, mostly farmers living in the commune. Ms. Chearb Naren is a member of SHG and lives in the same commune. She has bought pig food for her small business of pig raising and she is really satisfied to buy their food because the quality and the price are much more interesting than the food she can buy to other companies.

The small business group members plan to learn more through trainings in the future so they will have more skills and knowledge, even to fundraise to upgrade their business.

Mr. Bo Ravuth

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