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CRDTours is the CRDT’s social enterprise offering tours for tourists to discover the north rural Cambodia and meet the communities. Discover the young team working there.

* From left to right: Matt, Phiya, Daret, Lily, Meng and Chiva *

CRDTours’ team is not only composed of young graduates but of motivated and dedicated young people who try to do their best to provide the best services to their customers. In addition, this teamhas a high commitment to the local communities: their goal is to help them improve their lifes and get connected with the tourists who are visiting them. “We always work and learn together, we use what we have achieved in our own life to always try to do better. We think that supporting the local people well-being and protect the environment are very important to develop a sustainable tourism” says Matt, the Marketing and Business advisor of CRDTours.

Each month the team is gathering for a meeting to discuss about the challenges of the month. This help them to fulfill their responsibilities and work as a team. Furthermore, two or three times per month they review workplans and action points together in order to improve the social business management. During all the meetings, the team members attempt to show what they have achieved and what will keep moving in the future.

Mr. Tola is the Business Program Manager of CRDTours. He loves his job, especially because he knows that the touristic activities create opportunities for disadvantaged young people and generate income for local communities. He enjoys sharing his experiences with the team to help them improve their skills and knowledge.
Mr. Matt is the Marketing and Business Advisor for Le Tonlé and CRDTours. He is a volunteer at CRDT, from France. He is staying in Cambodia for a year in order to provide more ideas to Le Tonlé and CRDTours and to improve the social businesses’ marketing. He is very satisfied to create new partnerships for CRDTours in order to have more people staying in the communities’ homestay and therefore to create more incomes for them.
Mr. Meng is the Operation Manager and he is extremely knowledgeable in organizing tour and developing tour packages. He appreciates working and meeting with local communities and enjoys to be involved in the environment protection.
Mr. Phiya has recently graduated from university of management and economic. He is tour leader and he has a lot of local knowledges related to religion, nature and local way of life. He also allows the tourists to live an unforgettable experience thanks to his organizing skills.
Mr. Chiva is the Marketing and Booking Officer for Le Tonlé and CRDTours. He likes working in one of the CRDT’s social enterprises because he thinks it plays an important role in supporting the society’s needs. For instance, CRDTours generates income for communities and Le Tonlé also provides hospitality skills to disadvantaged groups of the northeast region of Cambodia.
Mrs. Lily is an account clerk. She is graduated from one of the universities in Kratie town. Working with CRDTours allows her to improve her skills.
And finally, Mrs. Daret who has recently joined the team to help in administrative works.

I think the team spirit is very important for an organization, and at CRDTours we can feel this good energy all the time” says Mr. Meng, “we all have the willingness to make a great job to help the local communities and participate to the environmental conservation”.
Take a tour with CRDTours means you are supporting the Cambodians’ livelihood.


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