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Travelling with CRDTours is not only about leisure, it is about discovering a culture and a way of life. Some Australian students, who have done a tour in the Mekong islands, share their experience with us.

“We had a lot of fun with the villagers and CRDTours team. We learnt about local people and were able to experience a real homestay on the Mekong islands. Thanks CRDTours for making this incredible experience possible” – Simon Abramson.

Engineers Without Boarder Australia (EWB – Australia) is a movement which gathers engineers who use their skills and knowledge for the benefits of all. This year, a group of Australian students, members of this movement, came to Cambodia to achieve a project of common interest. They are young but very cleaver, motivated and they are working very hard to reach theirs goals and to make their time in Cambodia efficient.

Part of their project, they took a trip with CRDTours to discover the real Cambodian way of life, the challenges and looked to provide practical engineering solutions.  Therefore, this pleasant group of young people arrived in our office on 10th of February to start an 8-day trip in the Cambodian countryside.

They divided into two groups: the first one was going to Koh Phreash and the second one to Koh Dambong. They wanted to discover the local activities and learn more about how people are living in the Mekong islands.

During their stay they spent a lot of time discussing with locals, getting to know more about their everyday life difficulties. As engineers and dedicated people they tried to find potential solutions. For example, they identified the biggest issue on improper waste management, so they suggested the villagers to create bamboo bins with which they can manage their waste better.

They also devoted considerable time working with farmers and learning how to grow vegetables and other farming activites. By doing so, they found out about the communities’ living conditions, their daily activities and especially about their culture and traditions. Upon their return, the students of EWB were committed to doing something more to improve the villagers’ conditions of living.

While taking the tour with CRDTour, Engineers with Boarder (EWB) enjoyed working and having an unforgettable experience with local people” said our tour leader, Mr. Phiya.

With CRDTours, it’s not only about having fun and visiting, but also about supporting a community: when you book a trip with CRDTours, the villagers receive some money for your stay in their community. So, by picking this tourism tour you already help these communities to improve their situation.


Tuy Chiva

Marketing & Booking Officer-Le Tonlé & CRDTours


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