Successful Tourism Business after School Year

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Morn Kim Y and his wife, Hong were former Le Tonle’s students. They both joint the school year of 2009-2010 when they first met and fell in love. Struggling over a few years with jobs in hospitality sector in the north east of Cambodia after they graduated, now they are the owners of one guesthouse and one Tour business in Ratanikiri province.

Kim Y is from a poor family in Stung Treng province and so is his wife. This was the reason why they both were awarded to join in hospitality training in Le Tonle center in 2009 after they passed the selection process. After completing the course, they decided to start their life careers in Ratanakiri province. Kim Y started a small business as a Tour guide and Hong was a chef assistant in a restaurant. Each of them USD 100 a month on average.

After a year in Ratanakiri, Kim Y could find way to improve his income. In 2011, he saw the opportunity to run a Highland Tour business and became the owner himself. He said “Highland Tour gives me much higher income than being a freelance tour guide. Now we offer guide service, package tour in and around Banlung city.”

After saving a modest income, in 2012, Kim Y got married with Hong and they started their own guesthouse business where Hong was employed full time as owner.

Kim Y continued ”Highland Tour is our work and income, and since we are the only owners, we are really devoted. This enables us to give a very personal touch to working with tourists. We speak Khmer and English, some local languages and a little bit of French. And also now we have one guesthouse; its name is Tree Lodge. Finally, my wife and I would like to convey all my heartfelt thanks to Tourism for Help who funds the program. Without Tourism for Help, I am not able to have this big improvement. I also would like to express my deep appreciation to Le Tonlé and CRDT staff members who always give me guidance to develop and improve myself. Last but certainly not least, I want the training center extends its training program so that more disadvantage Cambodians will be assisted to have a decent work like me.”

By: Pha Pech

Training Center Supervisor, Le Tonle

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  • chen chen

    Read this make me to have more committing to get success like them, Anyway I never forget what I experience at le tonle or TTC with my best teacher, friends,and you poster as well, although now I’m still in poor level among of them but I attended to do what I can do well.

  • Mireille Robert

    Very proud of our former students:congratulations! And thank you very much “Tourism for Help” to lead this students programm which has allowed more than 100 students to find their way. Also very greatfull to CRDT which continues the trainig programm!

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