CRDT Business Team Celebrated Dak Ben Together

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On Saturday Oct 3rd, CRDT Business Team went to a pagoda to celebrate Dak Ben together. Everyone was happy to ride around 50km for this purpose. It was fun, fresh and team spirit.

Pchum Ben is one of the most important Buddhism festivals in Cambodia. In the legend it says it is the day that we as a family member have chance to communicate with our ancestors especially the ones who are suffering in hell because of bad things they did when they were alive. In real life, it is the occasion we can offer food, clothes, money etc to them via monks at the pagoda. Furthermore, it is also the occasion which allows family members get together and have good conversations. It represents the solidarity in families, in communities and the respect to religion and culture. Normally, Dak Ben is celebrated for 14 days while the 15th day is called the Pchum Ben Day and also the last day of the ceremony. In practice, every Cambodian citizen goes to at least one pagoda. You can imagine how busy it is at every pagoda.

“The Buddha said if one does good deeds, one will be returned with good things and if one does bad deeds, one will be returned with bad things” said Tola, “I am not critical to these theories, but the important thing is that when I do good thing it makes me feel good.”

By Khoun Tola, Business Program Manager

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