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 “June & July were the busiest months of our business year 2015. Our team had worked so hard and of course everyone was appreciated for their contribution to the continual growth of CRDTours.” said Tola, Operations Manager.

It was in total thirty two days during which CRDTours has been out on missions of tours leading. We left our busy finance lady at the office alone. It was tired days for the whole team but a signal of growth of CRDTours. We haven’t seen each other but have spoken on the phone two to three times a day. We called each other to update and discuss about our tour arrangements. Everyone worked overtime and sometimes in the rain. As a result, we all succeeded but two of us got a cold 🙂 when we headed back to the office.

In mid July, CRDTours team led a group of 60 tourists to stay and work in four separate villages in Kratie province. It was the largest group in our history. Everyone returned saying they had a great time with the group and learned some good lessons. Mr. Sat, one of our tour leaders said “CRDTours should update some activities to make its products more educational tour package.” and Samboroath said “It was a long struggling time? Wasn’t it? Yes it was. It was a tired time but an extraordinary fun & happy days because I found that the tourist group got wonderful experience and I myself enjoyed with the group too.”

On the next day, when we arrived the office, our finance lady knocked our door and said “it’s a reporting day”. She smiled and added “but you can excuse for reporting late a few days”. This is great news to the rest of the team.

The pictures below show the activities of day 21st July 2015. Everyone was struggling in completing their reports. That’s why we called it “a reporting day”.

By Khoun Tola, Operations Manager. CRDTours

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