Work Empowerment: A strategy to improve trainees’ competency

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Work Empowerment is one of the strategies used at Le Tonlé to improve trainees’ competency. It allows trainees chances to work independently and creatively. The team work spirit was also created during the assignment.

The 2014 training program has come its first semester end in this May. Following this end, work empowerment was started both in Kratie and Stung Treng training centers in order to give each trainee chances to handle work independently while the trainer could assess each trainee’s competency in each function.

Six functions were designed including room and furniture director, bathroom and laundry director, kitchen director, front office director, admin director and restaurant and guesthouse director. The restaurant and guesthouse director was responsible for supervising all other directors. Each trainee was required to hold one function for five days and then move to the others until she/he completes all the six functions. Trainer was there all the time to assist trainees in each function if necessary. The score sheet was used to evaluate the trainees’ performance.

Work Empowerment helped trainees to increase their responsibilities with sense of self-confidence and creativity. The team work spirit was also observed when each of them extended their hands to help each other when needed.

By San Mos, Operations Manager, Le Tonlé

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