Livelihood and Conservation by Model Farmer in Prey Lang

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“Before I have to spend 2000-4000 riel a day to buy vegetable for eating and another 2000 riel for the feed of my 50 chickens,” said Mr. Nak. “But now, I rarely spend on those things and I can sometimes sell vegetables in my garden to my neighbors and earned 2000-4000 riel a day.”

Since 2006, CRDT has been implementing livelihood development projects in Sambour District, Kratie Province in order to improve local people’s living conditions in terms of food security and income in support of conservation.

Started in 2014, a livelihood diversification project funded by USAID through Winrcok International supported seven Model Farmers, living in Boeung Char Commune, Kratie Province, Prey Lang Landscape to improve their own living conditions and be the role models for other villagers while contributing to forest conservation.

After a series of training on agricultural techniques, in April, the project team distributed farming materials to the 7 model farmers to help them prepare their vegetable gardens and chicken pens.

Mr. Nak, one of the model farmers stated that “Before I have to spend 2000-4000 riels a day to buy vegetable for eating and another 2000 riels for the feed of my 50 chickens. But now, I rarely spend on those things and I can even sell the vegetable in my garden to my neighbor for 2000-4000 riels a day. Moreover, with the vegetable feed I made myself, my chickens are growing well and more resistant to serious disease.”

Better food availability helps not only his family but also the forest patrolling activity. Mr. Nak also takes part directly in the conservation of Prey Lang by joining as a member of patrolling team in Community Forestry in his village. He said “As my families has enough food to eat, I do not worry much when I have to leave home and join in patrolling team. Some patrolling team members also come to buy my vegetables and chickens when they go to forest.”

Mr. Nak’s performance has attracted his neighbors’ impression and some are preparing to start their home gardens like him.

By Yon Ma, Project Officer in Sambour Project Site

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