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“I finished high school in 2010 but wasn’t able to continue studying. Instead, I had to work in the field and catch fish from the Sekong River, said Den Chitsna. Without Le Tonlé training center, I should have continued to work that hard to support my family.”

One of the four social enterprises of CRDT is Le Tonlé . It is a training center for tourism and hospitality, based in Stung Treng and Kratie. Le Tonlé provides vocational training to disadvantage young Cambodians in the northeast region.

Chitsna, 24, from a fishing village in Stung Treng Town is currently working at Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center as a housekeeper and trainer. In October 2012, Chitsna started a vocational training with Le Tonlé. After spending a year at the center, she could witness significant changes. She learned several important skills and knowledge such as computer literacy, English, housekeeping, cooking and food and beverage service. She also learned to live and work with many different people.

Chitsna said “the training center offers me a healthy growth and development. My family and I were very happy that the center employed me after my graduation. Working here not only provides me a fairly good income to support my family but also teaches me more about tourism business which will help me set up my own business in the future. The good training program and the warm care and invaluable advices from staff members have led me to be fulfilled. Without the training, I might work hard in the field or on the river to support my family. From day one of my enrollment, Le Tonlé has become my second family.

Finally, I would like to convey all my heartfelt thanks to Tourism for Help who funds the program. Without Tourism for Help, I would have not been able to improve this much. I also would like to express my deep appreciation to Le Tonlé and CRDT staff members who always give me guidance to develop and improve myself. Last but certainly not least, I want the training center to extend its training program so that more disadvantaged Cambodians will be assisted to have a decent work like me.

By San Mos, Operations Manager, Le Tonlé


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