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The first group of six (three young women and three young men) among the 18 hospitality trainees in school year 2014-2015 arrived at Le Tonlé, Kratie on 31th January 2015 to practice their skills at our guesthouse and restaurant for one month.

The six trainees have already had four months of training at Le Tonlé, Stung Treng. In Le Tonlé Kratie, the trainees were assigned to work in pairs. Every week, each pair is assigned to do a specific task from housekeeping, cooking, food and beverage service and front office operation. The three pairs will rotate to do all the four tasks during their one month stay in Kratie.

On the first day, two identification tests (ID tests) on beverage preparation and cooking classes were carried out. A set of materials used in beverage preparation were placed on the table and each trainee was asked to name those items on a piece of paper. The same ID test was conducted on cooking materials. ID test is believed to help trainees identify items they use and remember them well. “It’s the first time I take this ID test. Now I can remember the materials and their usage around 80%.” said Pisey, one of our trainees.

Here in Kratie, trainees have chances to put themselves in the real working environment and help to broaden their skills and knowledge. Sok Ai, one of our female trainees mentioned that “I am happy to be here at Le Tonlé Kratie as I can both learn the theories and practices them with tourists. I am happy to communicate with tourists while I can improve my English language and hospitality skills”.

By both in-class training and real practical work, all the six trainees placed at Le Tonlé Kratie are expected to have their hospitality skills improved significantly. The next six trainees will arrive on 01st March 2015 and the rotation keeps going until July 2015.

By San Mos, Operation Manager, Le Tonlé

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