Capacity Building on Proposal Writing for CBO Committee Members

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On 17th January 2015, CRDT team provided a training course on proposal writing to 21 representatives of 7 CBOs (Community-Based Organisations) in the 3 villages of O’Rana, Sre Khtum and Andong Kraloeng in Mondulkiri Province.

In 2015, CRDT has upgraded its implementation strategy and restructured its small grant model into revolving funds. The idea of revolving fund is similar to small grant except that it takes the form as loan, and it includes the internal savings of the group members to make the fund size larger. Recipients of the funds has to pay back the loans to groups so that other members can rotate to borrow these funds. This change will make the CBOs become more accountable in using funds in a sustainable manner to benefit both existing and new members.

In order to get funds, CBOs have to write and submit funding proposals. To be able to do so, representatives of the CBOs were invited to a training to build their capacity on proposal writing. The participants were key persons in each CBO such as chief, secretary and cashier. The training was conducted at CRDT’s Mondulkiri’s field office.

The training contents include:

    • The process of obtaining livelihood grants from project and policies for the distribution and receipt of materials that are outlined in the agreement.
    • The goals and objectives of writing a proposal
    • How to do a SWOT analysis and identify needs
    • Developing and managing work plans and budget plans
    • Development of expected outputs
    • Information related to the sourcing of funding
    • Attachments of official documents related to the proposals

At the end of the training course, all participants showed that they understood the lesson well and were confident to write their proposals and promised to submit them by the end of this month.

The revolving funds will be released to CBOs, then the CBOs will release the loan to members for them to use it as capital for improving or creating more businesses.

By Meas Viphou

Project Manager in Mondulkiri Project Site

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