Bio-digester repair for 8 households in Koh Preah

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December is a great month for field work with rural farmers in Cambodia because all of them have just recently finished their rice harvest. In Koh Preah Village, many people are just doing some house work so they do not travel far from home which is very favorable for our team work.

With a good news that bio-gas lamps are now available for buying, CRDT staff rushed to Koh Preah village on Dec 13th and collected information about the bio-digesters that need repair. In the whole Koh Preah village, only 8 households have bio-digesters. Our team first met with the 8 families’ representatives to get to know their current problems with bio-digesters as well as to assess if they are still interested in using them. Then, we went to each house to check and identify problems for repair work.

Among the 8 systems, only one was still functioning well. The other systems were broken; all lamps are broken, most of the stoves were rusty from not being used and lack of maintenance; 2 systems had problems with tubes. However, the major problem was the incorrect usage and the poor maintenance of the systems. The households somehow did not follow the instruction when putting manure into digesters and letting it fill with gas, or they put too much water in digesters thereby producing a very low flam gas. However, all of them wanted to continue to use their bio-digesters and they have been anxious for repair and replacement of the broken systems for long.

Ms. Rom, a 32-year old single lady who lives with her mother and whose bio-digester is still functioning said that “the bio-digester helps reduce my hardship a lot. Since I started using it in 2012, I didn’t have to collect firewood for cooking ever again. Moreover, the waste from the bio-digester becomes a very good fertilizer for my rice field and crops. Unfortunately, my lamp was broken a few months ago and I have been searching for assistance to repair it. I am glad that CRDT came to fix this problem for me”.

In the next few months, CRDT will collect the contribution from the households, then buy materials and start the repair work in February. At the same time, we will provide coaching on the use and maintenance of bio-digester to the 8 families. The total cost of the materials for repair is 502$. The households will contribute 200$ and the rest will be supported by donation from Global Giving.

By UL Socheat
Partnership Manager






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