Tree Nursery for Reforestation and Food Security

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To contribute to the reforestation and food security improvement in the protected areas, tree nurseries have been introduced by CRDT for 4 forestry communities in Mondulkiri and Kratie Provinces.

From June to November 2014, with the funding support of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and in collaboration with the Forestry Administration of Cambodia, CRDT has worked with the forestry communities to improve their food security trough agroforestry systems including tree nursery to support forest and wildlife conservation. Those communities are: Ou Krieng Community Forestry, Kantout Community Forestry, Pou Loung Community Forestry and Pou Krouch Community Forestry.

Part of the implementation of the 5 months project included the set-up of 4 tree nurseries, one for each Forestry Community. Each nursery is 10mx15m and should have cost USD 1,200. But thanks to the communities’ contribution, we spent only USD 500 for setting up each nursery. The project evaluation indicated that the communities found the tree nurseries really important for their lives and a foundation for them to start developing their own agroforestry systems/tree nurseries on their land.

Besides the nursery constructions, CRDT trained the four communities in key techniques to operate their nurseries successfully. These are tree nursery preparation, how to mix the soil, choosing varieties that adapt to climate change, plant breeding, seed sowing, seedling caring and how to save water in dry season. In addition, CRDT has also supported the communities in establishing a Management Committee to manage the tree nurseries responsibly. Currently, in these tree nurseries, some local varieties such as Okra, Pahudia Cochinchinensis, Longan have been grown and will be ready for planting in the next few months.

A women in the community stated “I am very happy with the tree nursery we just built because I do not have to spend money to buy fruit trees. Moreover with the techniques I learned, I can choose to sow and breed different kinds of seeds to get the seedlings I want for my own agroforestry system.”

By Meas Viphou
Project Manager in Mondulkiri Project Site

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