Training Courses on Agro-Forestry System in ITTO/FA Project Areas

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Training activities at Pou Loung village, Sangkat Romanea, Senmonorom Town

September is the 4th month of the 5-month project on Agro-forestry system implemented by CRDT, funded by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) through the Forestry Administration in Cambodia. This project has targeted 2 forestry communities in Mondulkiri and 2 forestry communities in Kratie.

Last August, CRDT project team in Mondulkiri provided 4 training courses on agro-forestry system to our project beneficiaries, one of which was conducted in Pou Loung village, Mondulkiri Province. The course was entitled “Improving family economics by multi-cropping on a single plot”. Twenty six (26) participants including 15 women attended the course. The participants were so excited with the facilitation skills and technical competence of CRDT staff who could apply the theories in the course to their real lives and practices very well. They also liked a short movie of agro-forestry system used as a case study show.

During the break time, CRDT team led the participants to play some energy games. These games provided them more reflection about strong teamwork, communication skills and of course the games helped refresh our participants ‘mood during the course.

Before ending the course, the participants suggested CRDT increases the length of training course because they felt the knowledge of the topic they got was not yet enough for them. However, after this course, we planned for all participants to do some practices at their own farms, and we will follow up them to make them feel more confident in their activities.

By Meas Viphou

Project Manager in Mondulkiri Project Site

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  • Dorian Roffe-Hammond

    Hello, I am glad to know that CRDT has been conducting workshops in Cambodia’s highland provinces to promote the concept of agroecosystems sustainability. The title of the workshop,“Improving family economics by multi-cropping on a single plot,” provides a good description of the activities. Community teamwork and knowledge transfer are important practices. Good work!

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