Better Lives with the Reservoir in Sambour

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Mrs. Khoun Sam Oun with her dried fish caught from the reservoir

Mrs. Khoun Sam Oun with her dried fish caught from the reservoir

Water management is the first objective of the Community Resilience and Food security project funded by The Charitable Foundation (TCF) through Live and Learn Environmental  Education in Cambodia (LLEEC). The project is aiming at improving the water management through the restoration of a small scale irrigation system which includes a water reservoir, a 1350 meters long canal and 4 ponds.

Nowadays, most of CRDT beneficiaries in Sambour district are from the villages around the reservoir. The team in Sambour went to visit the reservoir and meet Mrs. Khoun Som Oun. She is a farmer living near the reservoir, cultivating land. We asked her about using the water from the reservoir and canal. She told us that she is enthusiastic about fishing. She said that she never goes to buy food from the market when she stays at the field during the rainy season. She said that this reservoir has a lot of fish especially in the rainy season and sometimes it is like the fish market here because lots of people come to find fish nearly every night

“One time my son caught fish in the reservoir and forgot to eat rice,” she said with a laugh. Moreover, after cooking she could dry the fish for the next time ifshe was busy and didn’t have time to fish.​​ At the moment she’s happy with the benefits but she is also worried because she thinks that some people will use electronic equipment for fishing which will destroy fishing here in the future.

For cultivation she said that it is more convenient to get water to her field as it is along the canal. Her seedlings are very good so she can sow on time. Moreover she said that she can do vegetable horticulture and chicken raising too, because she always has the water in the reservoir and canal to use.

The water supply is very important and necessary for the villagers because their traditional agriculture depends on cultivating the land. Thanks to the project, people will be able to adapt to climate change, improve food security through rice yields and have more time to cultivate as well as increase their income generation.

By: Bin Dim

Project Manager in Sambour Project Sites

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