Cleaning Pond Water in Koh Phdoa Village with EM Mud Balls

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1977139_674028892679661_6077527009712920339_nOn 26th July 2014, Environmental Education Team of CRDT in cooperation with Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia (FUSAAC), arranged a workshop on “Steam of Hope” at Koh Phdao Village, Kratie Province. The purpose of this workshop is to promote a healthy living environment adaptable to climate change for people by using an environmentally friendly technology (EM ball) to clean water.

EM Mud balls known as Bokashi balls are very useful for villagers to protect and clean water in fish pond, lake and river. It is made by effective micro-organisms to help biodiversity and kill some viruses in water. Each of ball is made from clayey soil, rice bran, and EM-1mixed together following procedure below:

a)   Mix soil with EM in a deep tray

b)   Add as much EM as the mixture can absorb and becomes moisturized enough to be rolled.

c)   Roll a handful of the mixture into a ball

d)   Place the bottom of the container with paper or wood and put the mud balls in it.

e)   Keep the container out of the direct sunlight and strong wind to avoid the balls getting dry too fast.

The ball is ready for use after being kept for 5 to 7 days.

Mrs. TOUCH Chanthou, a pond owner said:

“I am delighted with the new technique of EM mud balls. I hope that EM mud balls will turn my dirty pond into a nice habitat for fish and provide me with clean water for use”.  

Mr. CHHET Norn, Chief of Kampong Cham Commune mentioned that:

“I have been impressed by ongoing development support from CRDT such as improving livelihoods, knowledge of environmental protection, and community-based tourism. EM Mud balls or Bokashi balls technique introduced by Fussac team is another support to my commune at this time. My villagers and I are glad to accept this new knowledge and practices. I hope that EM mud balls will help protect or clean our natural ponds and lakes very well”.

The Environmental Education Team of CRDT has already planned for a regular follow up to check the water quality changes as a result of Bokashi ball effect into the pond water.

By Mr. Sok Chanpheaktra, Environmental Education Team Leader

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