Le Tonlé Develops its Operations Manual

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Meeting with CRDT staff members to collect feedback to improve the operations manual

Meeting with CRDT staff members to collect feedback to improve the operations manual

The two training guesthouses and restaurants of Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center are essential. They do not only generate income for the training programme but also provide true-to-life working experience to all trainees to build their capacity in tourism and hospitality profession. From year to year, the reputation of Le Tonlé guesthouse and restaurant has spread well to travelers in the northeast of Cambodia. Evidently, the number of guests’ arrivals has increased from year to year in Stung Treng (73% increase from the last quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014). Likewise, the guesthouse and restaurant in Kratie experiences a very positive growth and has been listed at the #1 guesthouse ranking in Trip advisor amongst other 12 establishments in Kratie town.

The day to day operations of the 2 businesses follow what has been practiced for years, since Le Tonlé was established in 2007, without a proper guideline document. To strengthen the growing business, reduce management stress and maintain the quality of operations as well as service providing, an Operations Manual needed to be developed. After working on it during 3 months, an Operations Manual for Le Tonlé guesthouse and restaurant has been developed with 6 main chapters: 1) Introduction, 2) Organizational Background, 3) Restaurant Operation, 4) Kitchen Operation, 5) Guesthouse Operation and 6) Saving Principles.

On June 12th, 2014, Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center held a discussion workshop to collect inputs from practitioners and CRDT staff members to finalize the “Operations Manual”. Twelve participants from various background and expertise participated in the workshop to discuss on the content and structure of the manual. From the discussion of the workshop, several main points were raised to improve the quality of operations including guest safety and security, food taste and stocking management and eventually the manual is finalized for use.

By: Say Bunly

Operations Manager

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