Kampong Rotes’ Villagers Happy with the Agricultural Irrigation System Achievement

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Starting in July 2013, CRDT and its partner, Live & Learn Environmental Education Cambodia cooperated in a project of Community Resilience and Food Security in Sambour district, Kratie province. Under the financial support of the Charitable Trust Fund Australia, six villages were selected to enhance their community resilience through water management and sustainable agricultural production in support of food security and natural resource management. The two main objectives of the project are being seen as a positive impact for villagers in the project target area.

The first objective is to improve the water management through the restoration of a small scale irrigation system to respond to natural resource management and climate change adaptation challenges. To date, all the outputs of the project have been achieved as planned in the first year. A water reservoir, a canal of 1,350 meters long and 4 ponds were completely restored. All villagers are enthusiastic about what has been achieved and some beneficiaries have been using water from the ponds, after a few times of rainfall in June, for sowing rice even though there was not much water in these ponds. Mrs. Ven Dung, a farmer who has a rice field near the pond in Kampong Rotes village has pumped water from the pond to irrigate her own field. During field visits, she mentioned that this year the rain came later than last year. Usually villagers start to sow rice in early June but this year the rain scarcity up to the end of June has badly impacted the irrigation. She has therefore tried to collect some water in the restored pond to sow rice.

The second objective is to increase and diversify agricultural production through agricultural innovations and adaptation to deal with the challenges that communities face like floods, drought, and diseases. We trained beneficiaries on chicken raising, vegetable growing techniques and conducted an exposure visit to another province for Farmer Promoters (FPs). We found that these FPs have applied new techniques such as making compost, natural vaccine and how to feed chickens. For instance, a farmer promoter, Miss. Duong Sokhei, who lives in Kampong Rotes village, has applied and been successful with the techniques of chicken raising by following what she has learned from the farmers in Takeo province. She said that now her amount of chickens has increased. Before she used to raise only 30 to 50 heads, but now she has 150 to 200 heads of chickens.

By the end of the project in June 2016, we hope that those achievements will benefit many people who have paddy field surrounding the irrigations. More significantly, they will be able to adapt to climate change issues like drought in mid- rainy season because farmer can pump water from ponds and water reservoir, and therefore, rice yields will keep increasing from year to year.

By Bin Dim
Project Manager in Sambour Project Site


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