Poultry Assessment and Market Stakeholders Meeting-2014

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Since July 2012 CRDT has worked with its partner, Hand in Hand India, through SHGs and enterprise development, identifying poultry and rice for market value chain analysis assessment. The aim was to create 1,000 jobs by 2014.
In February 2014 CRDT completed its first product assessment on poultry value chain analysis and wanted to share its findings with the stakeholders. These findings included: opportunities of improving poultry production, identifying passionate entrepreneurs, poultry raising techniques and funding for projects through SHGs and other bodies.
At the Market Stakeholders meeting on 27th May 2014, a total of 63 farmers attended, including 34 women. The meeting allowed them to share their techniques in chicken raising with other farmers and build up their confidence to start a family-based enterprise. The Department of Agriculture in Kratie shared its successful model in raising chickens and passed on its technical expertise.
It was widely recognised that there is a growing demand for chicken raising so future aims are: continue to build up farmers’ skills in how to run and improve their enterprises as well as to fund their growing enterprises through CBOs, SHGs and SHG Associations.
At the end of the meeting 51 farmers were identified as wanting to learn chicken raising skills and after their training will be ready to start their enterprises. CRDT will continue to support enterprise development in chicken raising through internal lending and monitoring, whilst SHGs will co-ordinate funds and make sure that the outcomes of the proposed activities are implemented.

By Sut Samedy, Micro-enterprises Program Manager

Chicken raising farmer representative giving speech during the meeting

Chicken raising farmer representative giving speech during the meeting

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